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Quantity AvailablePriceConditionItem Title
3$45.18New – Open boxV5-627-F24 Skinner Red Wire Coil
1$525.00UsedManual Termination Press MCP5 ITW Pancon Terminating Press
2$80.18New – Open boxSoldering Cartridge 2245-280 JBC PA 4200 Hot tweezers de-soldering tip Lot of 3
1$75.18New – Open boxgrounding supplies Statico Botron wrist straps Heal grounder 6 pound mixed lot
1$175.00New – Open boxFloor Tape Applicator TPA-20 Vestil Deluxe Circular & straight line
1$50.18New – Open boxBall Bearing 6201 Koyo 12 mm Bore 32 mm outer diameter 1.25″ width Lot of 3
2$80.18New – Open boxSoldering Cartridge 2245-008 JBC 2245 Pencil Soldering Cartridge range Lot of 3
1$60.18New – Open boxSoldering Cartridge 2245-278 2245-277 JBC PA 4200 Hot tweezers tip Lot of 2
1$80.18New – Open boxSoldering Cartridge 2245-031 2245-273 5600-006 JBC PA 4200 tip Lot of 3
1$100.18UsedPipe Threader No. 11-R Ridgid Ratchet Handle 15″
1$200.18UsedRiverter Cam 0290105L Chicago Rivet 2-1/2″ Diameter 1-1/2″ high
7$55.17Used5422 Wadsworth / Federal Pacific 30 amp Twin Fuse Holder
1$3,500.18New – Open boxGE CR2962F2A Plugging Switch F2A
2$95.17UsedFurnas 14DF32AA81 Size 1 3 Phase 30 Amps Max. Starter
1$700.17UsedITE Circuit Breaker JL63F400 w/ 350 Amp Trip
1$500.17New – Open boxSiemens Circuit Breaker QJH23B200 200 amp 240V
1$800.17UsedJKL400 ITE Circuit Breaker w/ 350 Amp Trip Type ET400 600V
1$65.17New – Open boxMartin E10 Sleeve Coupling
1$450.17UsedX1345030703 FHL36000M1586 Square D 100 Amp Breaker
1$200.17UsedGE 110AA2 Time Delay Relay
1$150.17Used8501 XO40 9804 Square D Industrial Control Relay Form 9804 Class 8501 Series A
1$50.18New – Open boxDesoldering Nozzle A1002 Hakko S-Nozzle 0.8mm Diameter Lot of 3
1$50.18New – Open boxSFC-050SA2-14B-14B Servo Flex Coupling Miki Pulley 14mm Bore
7$100.18New – Open boxDigitrip 600A RMS Rating Plug Eaton Cutler Hammer PD6D06A060 DS
1$150.17New – Open box90 Degree Elbow 1-1/2 Socket Weld Bonney Lot of 10
1$75.18New – Open boxHelical Flex Shaft Coupling 3/4″ AC075-8-4 Aluminum Integral Clamp
1$950.17New – Open boxA2X4-R Shock Absorber pat. no. 3168168
1$60.17New – Open boxLL1884 Baldwin Air Filter
1$100.17New – Open boxJX 3 7/15 XYN B Bushing 6 Hole Screw Set with Hub Nurled
1$65.17New – Open boxB-10575 Russell & Stoll Outlet Cat.# SKR 1O 20A 600VAC 12 pin
1$200.17New – Open boxSquare D 9070 SK7521U Transformer Disconnect Switch 600 VAC
1$50.17New – Open box041-DBZ Bimba Z Line Air Cylinder
2$1,000.19New – Open boxS98512964 ATL Stellram 1″ Veined Carbine End Mill SU5000 10″ Length
5$110.19New – Open boxHubbell Lighting 14″X 14″ 3-3/8″ Lumisquare Lens Clear
1$30.19New – Open boxGibraltar 677195-G Bullet Dowel Liner 0.5000 lot of 4 packs
1$25.19New – Open boxSMC Pneumatics Elbow Flow Control Valve 1/2″ AX2061 780647
1$20.19New – Open boxFHL202-10 Peer Bearing 5/8″ insert Small 35mm W/ Locking collar
1$50.19UsedLittelfuse FLSR-70 Fuse AMP 70 Class RK5 W/Time Delay mixed lot of 5
1$30.19New – Open boxDetrol Fluid EF 20 B 1/4″ NPT 2000 PSI Flow Control Valve
1$30.19New – Open boxFQP8K Bimba Quick Flo- Stainless 1/2″ Flow Control
1$20.19New – Open boxGates Truflex Belt 4L370 1/2 ” X 37″ 2370 lot of 3
1$25.19New – Open boxBall and Roller Bearings MRC-R-16-FF Precision Ball Bearing
1$500.19UsedGage Built NAS06-730-45MDCN Riveter Nose
1$30.19New – Open boxMAC TM-DAAJ-1DA Pneumatic Valve 25-150 PSI 5.4 Watt
1$25.19New – Open boxSMC AS2200-N01-S Pneumatic Right Angle Speed Air Control 1/8 NPT lot of 2
1$200.18New – Open boxFTI FSG-1511-35010A REV AA 4.4810 4.4790
1$30.19New – Open boxDeVilbiss HAV-500 Air Adjustment Valve
1$25.19UsedDetrol EF 20 B Easy Read 1/4″ Valve Brass Flow Control
1$30.19New – Open boxEnidine FP24059 Hydraulic Shock Absorber ECO OEM 1.0 ROHS/Green Compliant
1$75.19New – Open boxDickson TP325 Compact Temp and Humidity Logger W/ Push Start Delay Feature
1$30.19New – Open boxAssembleon Tube Cleaner Brushes 5322 479 30182 lot of 130
1$40.19NewUN-3-050-SS Check All Inline Check Valve
1$65.19UsedBilz Tap Adapter 1-1 5/16″ lot of 2
1$85.17New – Open box3/8″ Polyethylene Tubing E-64-0100 Parker 125 PSI working pressure 100 ft coil
1$75.17UsedGauge Block .250 1/4 CEJ Half Round jaw for square gauge block
1$110.17Used5-Step Thickness Calibration Block 4340 Steel .100″ .200″ .300″ .400″ & .500″
1$75.17UsedGage Block .250 1/4 CEJ Half Round topped trapezoid jaw for square gage block
1$65.17UsedGage Block .300 CEJ for square gage block
1$75.17UsedGage Block .500 1/2 CEJ Plain jaw for square gage block
1$75.17UsedStep Thickness Calibration Block Aluminum Lot of 4
1$400.17UsedSteel Banding Strapping Sealer Tool Size 1-1/4 SSN Heavy Duty Crimping
1$50.17UsedGE THQL2130 Circuit Breakers 2 Pole  30 Amp Lot of 7
1$60.17Used40 Amp 3 Pole Contactor 42BE35AF106 Furnas 120V Open
2$85.17New – Open boxGage Glass 18″ Reflex Jerguson L-1413-18
1$320.17UsedSouthern Gage 6-1/2-8 UNJS Go Threaded Ring Gage
1$60.17UsedPneumatic Lockout Valve VHS40-N04-Z SMC For Series 40
1$75.17New – Open boxWelding Nozzle Weldcraft Miller Lava Alumina Ceramic Mixed Lot of 7
1$80.17UsedGauge Block .110 Mitutoyo .125 .127 .139 Webber Croblox Rectangle Mixed Lot of 4
1$70.17UsedSwagelok Quick Connect Coupling Pat’D 316 QC4
1$225.17UsedVersalyzer Ph Meter Acid Controller 670 Great Lakes Instruments 111VAC 50/60Hz
1$75.17UsedE-STD Cable Wire Nortec 811808 KINGS 72″ Concave R=9.5
1$200.17UsedWPI Nortec 3049C Cable 6′ Wire 100 Khz 942029 For Use with NDT-5A
1$400.18UsedShuter NC / CNC Tool Trolley with 37 Toolholders 40 Taper
2$40.18UsedFBV-3C 2″ Brass Ball Valve 150 WSP B16.33 Full Port Thread Watts Regulator
1$2,000.18UsedMAT.MTA2128-4 Adjustable 90°± Angle Driven Tool Holder Lathe Tooling Swivel Head
1$50.18UsedSSRQ-240D20 Quad Solid State Relay Potter Brumfield
1$200.18UsedP22NSXC-LNN-NS-02 Powermax 1.8 Step Motor Pacific Scientific VDC Unipolar
1$50.17New – Open box1880070 Phoenix Contact Terminal Block Lot of 5
1$200.17New – Open boxSM2-P16 Klockner Moeller EPROM Store Module
1$60.17New – Open boxManitou 133755 Oil Filters Lot of 3
1$40.17New – Open boxPS9101 SS 3/4″ Rotary Seal Kit
3$50.17New – Open boxC320KGS1 Cutler Hammer Auxiliary Contact
5$150.17New – Open boxS201 Klockner Moeller Front-Mounted Plug
1$75.17UsedSchaltbau S804b Snap Action Switch
1$160.19New – Open box200A2 Airpro Pneumatic Cylinder Type 200A2CD250S3B0450AB
1$150.19New – Open box3″ Brass Gate Valve 206AB 200 WOG 125 S RWV Red White Valve Corp
1$140.19New – Open boxDeltronic HTM24 Metric-X .005mm Step Gage Set lot of 2 (See Description)
1$100.19New – Open boxDeltronic HTM24 Metric-X .005mm Step Gage Partial Set lot of 2 (See Description)
1$40.00New – Open box3M and MAX Earplugs w/ Cord Mixed Lot Bag Weight 9 Ounces (See Description)
1$50.00New – Open box3M and MAX Original Earplugs and Classic W/ Cord Bag Weight 1 Pound
1$55.00New – Open box3M and MAX Classic and Push- In Earplugs W/Cord Mixed Lot Bag Weight 1 Pound
1$50.00New – Open box3M and MAX Push-In Classic Earplugs W/ Cord Mixed Lot
3$115.17New – Open boxS804B Schaltbau Snap Action Switch
2$30.17New – Open boxGEZ012ES GEZ 012 ES SKF Spherical Plain Bearing
2$45.17New – Open boxLamp Shade 1/2″ Bias Craft Binding Sand Muslin 150 Yds
1$35.17New – Open boxNFD1614-187-C Asep Blue Connectors 3/16 x .020 16-14
1$35.17New – Open boxAsep NFD2218-187-C Pink Connectors 3/16 x .020 22-18
3$150.18New – Open box407B22-B31A Automation Valve 120V 60Hz 8.7 Watt 200 PSIG Orifice 3/64, 3/32
1$440.18New – Open boxControl Relay 700-N800A1 Series C Allen Bradley Nema/EEMAC A300 84B86
7$100.18UsedMPM Magnetic Board Support Holder Tooling Pin 6″ x 1-1/2″ Circle Lot of 4
50$5.18New – Open boxBrady WO-51 “Do Not Use Until Tested & Calibrated” 35051 Lot of 14 Vinyl Sticker
1$50.17UsedInductor Reactor TF5TX04ZZ 5950-00-165-2667 DLA900-85-P-AG636 Lot of 4
1$65.17New – Open boxGrinding Wheels 32A60-j5VBE Norton Milacron 3-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/4 Mixed Lot of 9
1$65.17UsedRL260P 4484761  Plasma Cutter Nozzle Hypertherm
2$190.18New – Open boxSMC CDG1FA25-25-H7BW Cylinder Actuator with Two D-H7BW Proximity Switches 145psi
3$30.18Used9001 DH11 Square D Red Push Button w/ 9001 DH11 Contact Block
30$30.18Used9001 DH11 Square D Amber Push Button w/ DH11 Contact Block
1$750.17New – Open boxStieber ALF2D2 Size 35 Self Contained One-Way Clutch Bearing 3/4″ Bore
1$900.17New – Open boxFAFNIR 2MMV99108WN Super Precision Bearing
1$420.17Used430-134 QMC Technologies Servo Motor 430-134
2$60.16UsedZ2346 BBH Windings Transformer Z2346 100VA 145-179
5$45.17New – Open boxBrass Fitting Elbow 1/4″ FNPT Lot of 10
2$160.16New – Open boxXLS05.10-NSW-JN EE Controls Three Phase Starter 24vdc coil
1$40.17New – Open boxClark 1830358 Repair Kit
1$50.17Used2PHSA113 2XAHA223 2PHTA5 Aluminum Gauge Blocks Lot of 4
1$75.16New – Open box704.410.0 EAO Rotary Cam Switch Actuator 704.410.0 Lot of 5
4$40.16UsedHoneywell AT87A 1197 2 Standard Transformer O.C. 27V 45V.A. 480v
1$70.16UsedHeating Element for Shrink Wrap Unit
1$135.17New – Open boxRFS15 Gould 15 Amp Renewable Fuse Lot of 6
1$165.17New – Open boxTHK SR30 Bearing With a 23 1/2 Inch Slide (2 Bearings, 1 slide)
1$175.17New – Open boxERS200 Economy 200 Amp Fuse
20$25.17New – Open box3200 Air-Mite Valve Repair Kit 3200 Lot of 3
1$170.17New – Open boxC1024989LN Warner Clutch w/ #40 Sprocket 40A21X1.875
1$75.17New – Open boxSF-205 Sealmaster Bearing 4 Bolt Flanged Housing Block
6$35.17New – Open boxSchrader 3250CR Repair Parts Kit
2$75.17New – Open boxClark 239651 Cylindrical Roller Bearing
6$35.17New – Open boxNTE R95-021 Relay Hold Down Springs Lot of 25
4$35.17New – Open boxMartin 5016 1 3/8″ Coupling Half
2$160.18UsedE43B040 ITE Circuit Breaker E43B040 40 Amp 480 VAC 3 Pole Type E4-A
3$300.18New – Open boxBall Bearing SKF 209 FA09171X 172X 72 fa 09 17 1x Lot of 2
2$420.18New – Open boxPneumatic Slide Cylinder FSS-608 Fabco-Air The Pancake Line Air Power
1$110.18New – Open boxWrist Strap Test S2111 Statico includes Certificate of Compliance Lot of 3
3$450.18New – Open boxCompact cylinder ADVUL-80-25-PA Festo 156208 R826 Pmax=10bar/145psi
1$380.18New – Open boxMGQM16-10-Y59B SMC Slide Bearing MGQ Guided Cylinder
1$130.18New – Open boxBAF Limit Switch BAF1-2RN2-LH Honeywell Micro Switch Top Roller Actuator SPDT
1$90.18New – Open boxSolder Wire 63SN 37PB Alloy .032 Dia Alpha Telecore Plus P1 Flux% 3 Pounds
1$80.18New – Open boxSolder Wire SAC 305 Alloy .032 .020 Dia 52890-0454 52915-0454 indium 48oz
1$75.18New – Open boxSolder Wire 96SN 4AG SN63PB37 SN64PB37 Alloy .20 .79 .32 .50 Dia Mixed Lot 56 oz
1$215.17UsedBFD84L Westinghouse Industrial Control Relay
1$160.17Used8501 G040 Square D Control Relay 110v / 120v coil 31021-400-60 ms
1$300.17New – Open box64-16650-011 Bearing YORK Air Conditioning
6$65.16UsedGeneral Switch 30 Amp Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid w/ Split Center Bar Divider OP
1$225.17New – Open box029-09201-000 Carbon Seal YORK Air Conditioning
1$105.19Used14DF32AA81A Furnas Size 1 3 Phase 30 Amp Max Starter
1$200.17UsedPotter Brumfield CDB-38-70014 Time Delay on Release Adjustable Relay 0.1-10 Sec
1$80.17UsedTM-DDAJ-1DA 82A-AC-000-TM-DDAP-1DA MAC Valve
12$65.17UsedGeneral Switch 60 Amp Range Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid w/ Notched Double Bar
1$80.17UsedAllen Bradley 700-P400A1 Industrial AC Relay Series B Type P 115-120V
1$100.17UsedRES600 Buss Super-Lag Renewable Fuse 600 amp
1$75.17New – Open box306KDD Fafnir Ball Bearing Lot of 4
1$150.17New – Open box064-23977-000 Ring Seal YORK Air Conditioning
1$150.17New – Open box064-31189-000 Ring Seal YORK Air Conditioning
1$60.17UsedMAC 225B-111GAAA 3 Way Solenoid Valve
1$120.17New – Open box6223C-511-PM-111DA w 2 PME-111DAAG Mac Valve Pneumatic Air
1$65.17New – Open box6300D-612-00-11 Mac Valve Manifold
1$250.17New – Open boxNTN 51128 Ball Bearing
1$70.17New – Open boxExtension Springs 9/16″ x 4″ Full Loop Side Ends (English Hooks) Lot of 60
2$150.17New – Open boxMac 6213C-411-PM591DA Pneumatic Air Valve
2$50.17New – Open boxC91 Joy Compressor Filter Head C91
1$550.17New – Open boxHBM SP4-50KG 08534 Load Cell
2$100.17New – Open box1190-A A&M Ejector Guide Assembly
5$200.00UsedAPF 300 Sajo Spare Parts List Manual –  Copy
5$200.00UsedUF 300 Sajo Instruction Manual –   Copy
4$200.00UsedVF 300 Sajo Instruction Manual – Copy
5$200.00UsedDM 300 Sajo Instruction Manual – Copy
5$200.00UsedPF 300 Sajo Spare Parts List Manual –   Copy
5$200.00UsedDM 300 Sajo Spare Parts List Manual –  Copy
5$200.00UsedPF 300 Sajo Instruction Manual –   Copy
5$200.00UsedUF 300 Sajo Spare Parts List Manual –  Copy
1$40.17Used2 Pole Breakers Cutler Hammer Type CH 50 60 AMP Lot of 3
1$225.17UsedCentering Head Assembly Ridgid 1/8 to 2 Pipe 1/4 to 2 bolt
1$55.17UsedProximity Sensor IF5539 IFM
1$95.17UsedProximity Sensor Switch BED-516-356 Balluff Lot of 3
1$175.17UsedSolenoid Coil Code 66 GW Lisk 120V 60Hz 110V 50Hz US Pat 3833139
1$100.18UsedMicro Switch FE7B-DA6V-M HONEYWELL Photoelectric Sensor 10-28V
1$50.18New – Open boxMac Pneumatic Valve 45A-SA1-DFBJ-1TN Fluid Power Systems 24VDC 1.8 watts 120psi
2$50.19New – Open boxHeater coil H1101 Cutler Hammer Lot of 2
16$95.18New – Open boxI/O Module Square D SPX2DS2D2AV2 SERIPLEX Version 2.0 SPX 2DS2D2AV2
2$400.18Used45A-SA1-DAAJ-4TJ MAC 5.4 watts 8 Stack valve bank
1$95.18UsedPhotoSwitch 42SMP-7010 Ser B Allen Bradley Diffuse Wide Angle
1$70.18New – Open boxPower Supply HB12-1.7-A Power-One AC-DC Amp 12V Linear DC
1$100.18Used7163-1637 Fasco Type 6 D71 Motor 7163-1637 230V T61N106-D192
4$140.18New – Open boxP3U231NK75 Rexnord Link-Belt Bearing Pillow Block 1-15/16″
1$3,500.18New – Open boxIC3603A177CG5 GE General Electric Potted Relay Coil Voltage 105 DC
1$150.18UsedNihon Pisco solenoid valve VBH07
1$95.18Used4715KL-04W-B39 NMB 12 VDC 0.72 Amp Brushless Fan Assembly – Lot of 11
1$1,800.18UsedMaxAir Premium 10HP Single Stage 3PH 120Gal Air Compressor
1$200.18New – Open box1096941C Westinghouse Current Relay Type SC 10-40Amps
1$75.18New – Open box2″ Ball Valve 70-108-27 Apollo Standard Port Threaded 70-100 Series
2$45.18New – Open boxAir Exhaust Muffler 0111005 Alwitco 1/2″Male NPT Model Type M05
1$45.18New – Open boxMartin Sprocket 40BS22 7/8
1$450.18New – Open boxMPC-34 8934-2555 Inertia Dynamics Clutch Break 24 VDC
1$855.18New – Open boxFormsprag Clutch CL41225-9GRRH FSR, 10, 1.250, .250X.13,,GRR
1$135.18New – Open boxFESTO DNC-32-80-PPV-A-ELH 163302 F808 Air Cylinder 32mm Bore 80mm Stroke
1$95.18New – Open box4MA Series 01.50 CBB4MA3U18AC 6.000 Parker Cylinder 250 PSI Air
2$235.18New – Open boxFesto DYSR-20-25-Y5 Hydraulic Shock Absorber 1138646
2$110.17UsedNorgren Actuator M/778C/25 25mm/1″ Stroke
1$300.17Used4″ Bore 39 3/4″ Stroke Pneumatic Cylinder 250 psi 1 3/4″ Rod 1″ Rear Pin
1$90.17UsedRexroth PR007565-21005 Regulator 300 PSI
2$200.17New – Open boxValidyne P2-30-V Pressure Transducer 0-30 PSIG
1$50.18New – Open box9311934 Wika 11.12 2.5″ Air Pressure Gauge 160 Psi 1/4″ NPT CMB
1$50.18New – Open box9311934 Wika 111.12 2.5″ Air Pressure Gauge 160psi 1/4″ NPT CBM
1$120.18New – Open boxPHD AVF 1 1/8″ Bore 1″ Stroke Air Cylinder Actuator
1$55.17New – Open boxPPE-111DAAA Mac Valve Pneumatic Valve
1$50.18Used8210G3 Asco Solenoid Valve, Voltage 24VDC Ports 3/4″ 5-125 PSI
1$50.18UsedTempilstiks degrees ranging from 175 degrees 650 deg F Lot of 31 Assorted Stiks
1$50.18UsedSeverance HSS EDP 15847 Countersinks Drill Bit lot of 4
1$60.18Used32A-CC-000-TM-DDRP-1DA Mac Hydraulic Directional Valve
1$85.18UsedGS-020061-02440 Rexroth 120 max PSI 150 Min Bar Max 2/10 7877-05 W 08
1$50.18New – Open boxGates 3VX1000 Super HC Vextra 100 X 3/8″ V-Belt lot of 6
1$65.18New – Open boxMVR175/U GE Multi Vapor Lamp Halide Lot of 5
1$75.18New – Open boxGuhring HSK-A-80 Tool Holder Taper Wiper 4914/60.000
2$65.18Used92B-AAH-000-DM-DJAP-2DG Mac Hydraulic valve 120 PSI
3$150.18New – Open boxContact Probes SH-100-H-6.7-G S/C IDI Interconnect 101056-005-926 Lot of 100
1$60.19UsedFPE 602 W/ 602M F30783X2 2 Pole Fuse block and Pull out 120/240 VAC
1$60.19UsedFPE 602 W/ 602M F30783X4 2 Pole Fuse Block and Pullout 60 Amp
35$45.19UsedFederal Pacific 301P 30 AMP Fuse Holder
1$35.19UsedFusetron FRS-R-70 Dual Element TimeDelay Fuse Class RK5 70 Amp lot of 3
1$500.18UsedProgrammable Controller C200H-CPU01-E2 OMRON CPU Unit Sysmac C200H-MR831
1$900.18New – Open boxPrecision Ball Bearing 2MMV99110WN CR DUL Fafnir Thrust
1$50.18UsedOverload Relay H2021 Cutler Hammer H2021-3 lot of 3
1$70.19New – Open boxMAC 44A-AAA-GDJA-1KA Pneumatic Valve 1.8 Watt 120 PSI 12 VDC
1$350.19UsedJuki ESF-SOIC 4-Track Guidelane PCB Vibratory Unloader Tray US Vibra
1$400.19UsedPMD-150D/PLCC-44 US Vibra Guidelane PCB Tray Vibratory Parts Feeder
3$3,000.19New – Open boxCR2962F2A GE Plugging Switch CR2962-F2A General Electric
1$50.19UsedWE2 5/8″ Bilz Tapping Collet Adapter
2$125.19UsedUniversal Instruments Reject Belt Feeder Grip Handle for PCB Assembly
2$225.19UsedUniversal Instruments Reject Belt Feeder Grip Handle for PCB Assy. – Lot of 2
1$500.19UsedUniversal Instruments 46965001 46007902 Rev A Power Distribution Board
1$350.19UsedESF-PLCC-44 2-Track Guidelane Juki / US Vibra Tray PCB Vibratory Parts Feeder
1$450.19UsedESF-PLCC-20 3-Track Guidelane Juki / US Vibra PCB Tray Vibratory Parts Feeder
1$450.19UsedESF-SOLIC Juki / US Vibra 3-Track Guidelane PCB Tray Vibratory Parts Feeder
1$400.17UsedParker 4.00CHB2AU44C5.000 Pneumatic Cylinder 4″ Bore 5″ Stroke 1 3/4″ Rod
1$300.17UsedASCO EF8263G210 Solenoid Valve NC 120V 3/8″ NPT
1$325.17UsedWestinghouse A200 Series Size 3 Starter Contacts and Springs 3 Poles Fits
1$250.17UsedHydraulic Cylinder 3000 psi 4″ Bore 8 3/4″ Stroke 1 3/4″ Rod 1″ Rear Clevis Pin
1$200.17New – Open boxUniversal Joint 2 1/2″ OD 1 1/4″ Bore Overall Length 5″ Keyway 3/8″
3$180.17New – Open box6-11-4 Cutler Hammer Contact Kit
3$100.17New – Open boxSprocket 989010267 14T 1-5P, 14 Teeth 1″ Pitch, 3 3/8″ ID, 7 1/2″ OD
5$35.16New – Open box10250 T49 91000 Cutler Hammer Contact Block NC
2$35.16New – Open boxFLNR Littelfuse Powr-Gard Fuse 150 amp
1$50.18UsedPistol Grip Grease Gun 7000 psi Pump Loading Lot of 2
1$50.18New – Open boxSlide Switches SPDT On-On OS102011MS2QN1 C&K 12 VDC Lot of 160
1$20,000.00UsedNBE SS Bag Break Station Dust Controlled Rotary Lump Breaker Bulk Processing
1$500.18UsedVintage Merrow Serger Industrial Sewing Machine 3 Thread 110v motor
2$300.18New – Open boxMallory Capacitor Type CGS 39000MFD 60VDC Max Surge 75VDC 20-60516
2$325.18New – Open boxHelland torq-tender TT3SS Zero max 3/4 bore End of Shaft Mount – Type S
1$100.18New – Open boxV53ADB1100 Skinner V5 Series Solenoid Valve 120v Honeywell Skinner Valve
1$150.17New – Open boxOMRON 61F-GP-N Floatless Level Switch
1$25.17New – Open boxMotorola 6AK6 Vintage Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$35.17New – Open boxBrowning 6AL5 Vacuum Tube Vintage Very Rare
2$80.19New – Open boxAutomation VMS 2100 Smart Pump Cover
1$40.17New – Open boxRaytheon 6BC7 Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$60.17New – Open box6AU6A Rad Tel Vintage Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$40.17New – Open box6CS7 Philco Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$40.17New – Open boxDayton VNX 31 125 D2 P.1720 XB.2500 Lot of 3
1$100.17UsedM/778C/25 Martonair Actuator 1″ Stroke 25mm
1$100.17UsedIML 1-1/4″ Threaded Elbow SA/A105N B16 2000 Carbon Steel – Lot of 10
2$90.00UsedThredolet 2 1/2 – 2 X 3/4″ Bonney A105 / SA105 SR97 Lot of 10
2$90.17New – Open box1x1x1/2″ Socket Weld Tee Fitting Bonney SA/A105 B16 3M Lot of 4
4$90.17New – Open box1 1/2 x 3/4″ Socket Weld Reducer 3M SA/A105 SP79 4572 Lot of 6
1$65.17UsedProximity Switch IFRM 08P1503/S35L Baumer Electric 1706
1$75.17UsedProximity Switch Sensor BES M12ML-PSC20B-S04G-002 Balluff 10-30V DC 200mA
1$65.17UsedProximity Sensor Switch IF5636 IFM 250MA 10-30V DC
3$65.17UsedShock Absorber OEM.25MB Enidine 012345678
1$275.17New – Open boxPhone Card Main Dist Amp MDA-NA NEC for Electra 1648 NSA-94906 Rev 1 MDMNA
3$350.17New – Open boxSpeaker Phone ET163 NEC Electra 1648 16 Button w/ Operating Manual
2$65.17UsedProximity Switch IFRM 12P1701/S13L Baumer Electric 2616
2$65.17UsedProximity Switch IFRM 09P1510/S35L Baumer Electric 1645
7$425.00New – Open boxDumb Terminal 3300B Maxspeed Maxterm MAX0103-133 Eckerd512/64 OS ThinClient
12$25.19New – Open boxUVEX Anti-Fog Chemical Splash / Impact Resistant Safety Goggles Orange Lot of 2
1$60.18For parts or not workingHandheld microphone AS-TVHH Any spot Traveler Parts Only
1$500.19New – Open boxYork 031-01730-000 Rev C Chiller Microboard
1$50.18New – Open boxSoldering Tools Spudger SH-80 Beau-tech Menda DESCO SCC Mixed lot of 82
1$100.18New – Open box304 flat Bar Stainless Steel 2″x1″ x 46-1/2″ long
1$90.18New – Open box2″ Dia 316 Round Bar Stainless Steel 39″ long 28 Pounds
9$55.17New – Open boxFuse LPJ-175SP Bussmann Cooper 600V Time Delay LPJ 175 amp
2$50.18UsedHeating Element Square D B5.50 Overload Relay Lot of 4
2$50.18New – Open boxFuse A4J200 Gould Shawmut 200 AMP 600V
1$125.18New – Open box304 flat Bar Stainless Steel 2″x1″ x 57″ long
1$125.18New – Open box316 Round Bar Stainless Steel 1-15/16″ Dia x 48″ long 41 pounds
1$460.18UsedSmartHeat Soldering System MFR-PS2200 with Tweezers Oki 100-240V MFR-H4-TW
1$120.18New – Open box316 Round Bar Stainless Steel 1-1/4″ Dia x 63-3/4″ long 22 pounds
1$900.18New – Open box316 Round Bar Stainless Steel 3-1/2″ Dia x 33″ long 92 pounds
1$900.18New – Open box316 Round Bar Stainless Steel 3-1/2″ Dia x 36″ long 100 pounds
4$65.18New – Open boxCoil 9-88 Decco Detroit 115/60 115v
1$2,000.19New – Open boxYork 331 02430 601 With Micoboard 031-02430-001
1$35.19New – Open boxPlatinum Tools 100020 EZ-RJ45 CAT5e/6 Connectors With Internal Ground Lot of 36
1$25.19New – Open boxMonoprice Orange 1 Ft.. Patch Cable 11266 350 MHz Lot of 7
20$30.19New – Open boxMonoprice 11266 350 MHz 50u” Category 5E Patch Cord Orange 1ft.  Pack of 10
1$80.19New – Open boxBooney Forge Gate Valve 3/4″-800 A105N CR15
1$250.19New – Open boxTopLine Top-Flo 1-DN25 Diaphragm Valve With Burket 2030 Actuator
1$150.19New – Open boxTopLine MaxPure Fitting T316L ASME BPE SFF1 HT E60476
1$60.19New – Open boxTopLine 1-1/2 DN40 Diaphragm Valve 1 1/2-316L-14722
2$50.19New – Open boxTopLine Diaphragm Control Valve 1 DN25
1$900.19New – Open boxSymmons 7-400 TempControl Thermostatic Mixing Valve Rough Brass 3/4″ x 1″
1$90.19New – Open boxBouffant/Beard/Hairnet Dispenser Zoro 3UZG4 12″ x 12″ x 12″ Clear Acrylic
1$65.19New – Open boxMalleable 2-1/2″ Iron Union Class 150 Lot of 3
2$30.19New – Open boxAnvil 0300001401Malleable Iron 1-1/2″ 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fitting Lot of 3
1$25.19New – Open boxMalleable Iron 1-1/4″ 90 Degree Screwed Elbow 300 WSP 1500 WOG Lot of 2
1$35.19New – Open boxBEHR Premium Gray Flakes K-1050 24 Paint Color Chips for 2-Part Epoxy Lot of 2
1$60.19UsedTriple White Steel Glove Box Holder Lot of 6
1$50.19New – Open boxRittal Outlet Air Filter SK3240.200 10″ x 10″
2$100.19New – Open boxDuff Norton Flanged Ball Screw Nut Assembly 150BNH047
1$1,000.18Used38″ Steel Gear 8-1/2″ Bore / 4″ Thick Heavy Duty 75 Teeth
1$1,000.18New – Open boxSteel Sprocket 42″ Diameter Bore 4-7/16″ Plate 1-1/8″ Thick 64 Teeth
4$50.19New – Open boxPhillips Flat Head 1/4″ x 2-1/4″ Alum Coated Screw W/ Thru Bolt Lot of 50 Each
1$30.19New – Open boxCLR Pro 1 Gallon Calcium Lime Rust Remover
1$40.19New – Open boxReliable Industrial Strength Degreaser 83638330 1 Gallon
8$40.19New – Open boxRCD #8 Mastic Low-High Velocity Air Duct Sealant 1 Gallon Grey
12$70.19New – Open boxGrainger Ear Plug Dispenser 4GMT1 11″ x 12″ x 8″ With Hinged Lid
1$30.19New – Open boxAnvil 1-1/2″ Cast Iron 45 Degree Elbow Lot of 4
1$30.19New – Open boxTYCO TY4131 Sprinkler Head 3/4″ 155 Degree Lot of 2
1$50.19New – Open boxTYCO Sprinkler Head TY313 1/2″ 155 Degrees K5.6 Lot of 5
1$45.19New – Open boxAlum Oxide Waterproof 80D Grit 9″ x 11″ Sheets, MSC Industrial Supply Pack of 50
1$25.19New – Open boxMSC Industrial Supply Aluminum Oxide Waterproof 80 Grit 9″ x 11″ Sheet Lot of 22
9$40.19New – Open boxDura-Loop Large Stainless Steel Hose Hanger D543,441
1$35.19New – Open boxDayton Industrial Foam Sleeve Vacuum Accessory 5X879A Lot of 4
3$300.19New – Open boxAllen Coding Print Head KCE -53MM KCE-53-12PAT1-AC1
3$80.19New – Open boxRubber Fab 316L 24490 3/4″ x 5′ Stainless Steal Breaded Hose
1$400.17New – Open boxABB 10A6131NB1B w 53R-2110 Pressure Regulator Bailey Fischer
1$50.17UsedAllen Bradley 1491-N266 Series A Fuse Block 60 Amps 600 Volt 3 Pole
1$65.17New – Open box6GH8A / 6FA8 Westinghouse Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$65.17Used9-188 Decco Coil 120V 60Hz
1$35.17New – Open boxCK6265 Raytheon Vacuum Tube in Original Box
2$140.17UsedC.P. Clare & Co. HGSM1076 Relay Wetted Module 1-660-9007 High Speed
1$135.19UsedGeneral Switch CP-100 Vintage 100 Amp Fuse Block W/ Notched Double Bar Lid
1$35.17New – Open boxRoss Operating Valve Co. 862K87-A Indicator Light Service Kit
1$55.17UsedSolartron M923986A130 Sensor Cable 5-Pin
1$100.19New – Open box1″ Tee FNPT Pipe Fitting Anvil Cast Iron Class Lot of 11
1$60.19New – Open box1″ Tee FNPT Pipe Fitting ward Cast Iron Class Lot of 6
1$40.19New – Open boxHilti Hit Rod 000459123 Box of 14 Rods Only
4$40.19New – Open boxHilti 000459123 Hit Rod 1/2″ x 8″ Box of 10
1$25.19New – Open boxChromate 3/8-16 Machine Screw Anchors 656 Lot of 21
1$16.19New – Open boxParker X66CA-6-2 3/8″ x 1/8″ Brass Tube Fitting Lot of 8
1$15.19New – Open boxParker 2P237 Brass Connector 1/4″ Tube Lot of 10
1$40.19New – Open boxHansen Coupling Series LL4-HK
1$24.19New – Open boxSwagelok B-600-3 Brass 3/8″ Tube Compression Tee Fitting Lot of 2
1$20.19New – Open boxCoilhouse Pneumatics SV 802 – 1/4 Excess Flow Check Valve
1$45.19New – Open boxParker Brass Fitting X62RL-6 Prestolok 3/8 Box of 10
5$20.19New – Open boxGrainger Security Anchors 2 3/8″ x 1/4″ Reversible Head Style 15W082 Box of 10
2$90.19New – Open boxDuPont Tyvek Iso Clean Shoe Cover Size Large IC461SWLG03000B Lot of 135 Pair
1$30.19New – Open boxMagnum Flaring Cup Wheel 4/3 x 2 x 5/8 11 Part #98055
2$325.19New – Open boxOKS 424 High Temp Food Grade Lubricant
1$50.19New – Open boxRubberset 99076890 9″ L Frame Heavy Duty Paint Roller Lot of 12
2$100.19New – Open boxCRC #3040 Aerosol Food Grade Silicone Multi-Purpose Lubricant Case of 12
1$78.19New – Open boxBio Blend Multi-Purpose Oil Biodegradable H1 Food Grade Lubricant Lot of 11
1$45.19New – Open boxZep Perimeter Next Step Heavy Duty Baseboard Stripper Lot of 5
2$100.19New – Open boxZep Perimeter Next Step Floor Stripper Heavy Duty Baseboard Stripper Case of 12
1$60.19New – Open boxZep Powerhouse Aerosol Heavy Duty Cleaner Lot of 7
1$100.19New – Open boxZep Powerhouse Heavy Duty Aerosol Cleaner Case of 12
1$35.17New – Open boxEmerson 6S8GT Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$60.19New – Open boxRonco Easy Breezy Polypropylene Balaclava Hood White 1890 Lot of 125
1$70.19New – Open boxKeystone Bouffant Cap 24″ White 110NWI-10-24-White Lot of 700
1$50.19New – Open boxCritical Cover GenPro SD-91342-B Hood, Open Elastic Face and Neck Lot of 400
1$40.19New – Open boxWarning Welding Arc Wear Proper Eye Protection 5″ x 3″ Sticker Lot of 8
1$35.19New – Open boxCaution Keep All Cylinders Chained 5″ x 3″ Sticker Lot of 7
1$40.19New – Open boxBrady 3420-#Kit Numbers 0-9 5/8″ Lot of 23 Cards
1$20.19New – Open boxChicago Stock #E-8 Turned Eye Bolts Thread DIA. 1/4″ Overall Length 6″ Box of 9
2$23.19New – Open boxChicago Stock E-8 Turned Eye Bolts Thread DIA. 1/4″ Overall Length 6″ Box of 10
1$34.19New – Open boxCaution Contains Asbestos Fibers Avoid Creating Dust Sticker Lot of 15
6$45.19New – Open boxCaution Contains Asbestos Fibers Avoid Creating Dust Sticker Lot of 20
2$40.19New – Open boxCaution! Stand Aside Panel When Energizing or De-Energizing Sticker Lot of 21
1$50.19New – Open boxParker CPI 4-4-2 SBZ-B Brass Branch Tee Lot of 7
1$40.19New – Open boxBrady 36125 Tape B-500 Fire Prot. Water Box of 15
1$40.19New – Open boxBrady 7060-4 Compressed Air Pipe Marker 4 per Card Lot of 20
1$55.19New – Open boxBrady 36125 Tape B-500 Fire Prot. Water Box of 25
1$40.19New – Open boxDixon SC8 Safety Check Valve 1″ NPT
1$50.19New – Open boxBrady 7146-4 Hot Water Pipe Marker 4 per Card Box of 25
1$50.19New – Open boxBrady 7060-4 Compressed Air Pipe Marker 4 per Card Lot of 25
2$50.19New – Open boxBrady WO-10 Type B-500+Calibration Labels Lot of 25
3$50.19New – Open boxBrady WO-52 Type B-502 Inspected By: Quality Control Labels Lot of 25
1$15.19New – Open boxSNR 6205.NRZZA50 Bearing
1$20.19New – Open boxCoilhouse Pneumatics SV804 1/2″ NPT Excess Flow Check Valve
1$40.19New – Open boxFerraz Shawmut Limiter Fuse CNN80 125V 80A Lot of 2
1$25.19New – Open boxTorrington Fafnir CRS-8-1 Bearing Replaces CF-1/2-S Lot of 2
1$60.19New – Open boxKlinger sil C-4401 Gasket 4 Bolt Holes 1″ 150# Lot of 6
1$50.19New – Open boxHansen Series LL4-HK Stainless Quick Release Coupling
1$25.19New – Open boxBrady 40988 Metal Danger Confined Space Enter By Permit Only 10″ x 7″ Lot of 2
1$20.19New – Open boxPotter and Brumfield KDP-11D15-24 Relay Lot of 2
1$35.18UsedHumphrey S42E1 Solenoid Valve
2$50.17New – Open boxMarel 600682 Stainless Steel Sprocket 18 Tooth 3″ OD 1 5/8″ ID 1/2″ Pitch
1$40.17New – Open boxCBS 6S8GT Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$65.17New – Open box6EM5 GM – Delco Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$40.17New – Open boxMagnavox 6EM5 Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$150.18New – Open boxPotentiometers Audio D-Shaft 50K Alpha 313-1220-50K Lot of 960
1$100.18New – Open boxPusher Pipe Complete 300695 Siemens AUT5 MCH Ausstosser Universal SMT
1$175.18New – Open boxSchottky Diodes & Rectifiers 8A 45V 80SQ045NG ON Semiconductor Lot of 460
1$80.18New – Open boxTrimmer Resistors 3314G-1-105E Bourns SMD 4mm SQ 1M Lot of 49
1$125.18New – Open box1715250000 Weidmuller Terminal Blocks 281-1414-ND PCB 5.0MM 2POS Lot of 106
4$35.18New – Open boxPushbutton 3SB02-K4R Siemens Red Mushroom Twist Release
3$150.18New – Open boxAxle Sleeve Complete 2101301 Siemens AUT5 MCH Achspinole Universal SMT 30mm-head
4$30.17UsedMicrometer Spanner Calibration Wrench Mitutoyo Starrett Sharp Fowler Lot of 3
2$30.17UsedCalibration Wrench Micrometer Spanner Mitutoyo Starrett Sharp Fowler Lot of 3
1$230.17UsedTorch Arcair Extreme Heavy-Duty Arc Gouging Head Carbon Tri-arc 9′ Cable
1$85.17UsedPallet Puller Cam Scissor Action Global 5000 lbs Capacity 4″ Jaw opening
1$265.17UsedTF5VX02ZZ LIT-DSD 861013-10 300 WV ZTC 50KFT WE-1582 Lot of 2
1$60.17UsedSteel Gage Block 4 Inch Mitutoyo Rectangular Rectangle
1$60.17UsedSteel Gauge Block .850 .060 .100 Inch Webber DoAll Croblox Square Mixed Lot of 3
1$40.17New – Open boxPhilco 6CS6 Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$35.17New – Open boxArvin 6LX8 Vacuum Tube
1$40.17New – Open boxLindal 6JE8 Vacuum Tube in Original Box Lot of 2
1$120.17New – Open box78.80.017.600 Bearing Housing Sprocket 12 Teeth Stainless Steel – Lot of 4
1$90.17UsedMMC 63585 100 Amp Main Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
1$25.17New – Open boxMagnavox 6HQ8 Vacuum Tube
1$200.17UsedPeanut Dispenser 20 Cubic FT Uline 5ft Bag Height w/Ceiling mount hardware Valve
1$40.17New – Open box6CW5 / EL86 Dumont Vintage Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$80.17New – Open boxMcGill CCFH-2-1/2-SB Camrol Cam Follower Bearing
1$95.17New – Open boxRapidair O-Rings and Snap Rings for Rebuild Repair Large Mixed Lot Various Sizes
1$75.17New – Open box6AT6 ITT Vacuum Tube Vintage in Original Box Lot of 3
1$35.17New – Open box6S4A CBS Vacuum Tube Vintage in Original Box
2$65.17UsedAmerican 60 Amp Range Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
1$50.19New – Open boxPerkinElmer UATR Test Sample Holder L160-0239
1$75.19New – Open boxDSC Consumables 22006 Aluminum Crucible With Lid Set With Pin Set
1$40.19New – Open boxWaters Solvent Reservoir Caps 62479 Three Hole Access (Pack of 3)
1$50.19New – Open boxWaters Solvent Reservoir Caps 62479 Fits Most Standard- Mouth 1-L Bottles (4PK)
2$50.19New – Open boxWaters Solvent Reservoir Caps 62341 Three Hole Access (Pack of 4)
1$25.19New – Open boxKimble Chase Inlet Tube Bantam Ware 275501-0000
1$75.19UsedHamilton 84861 Microliter Syringe #825 .25ml W/ 22 gauge 2″ Removable Needle
1$25.19New – Open boxAgilent Technologies 5183-4619 Amb. Crimp 2ml 100PK for Agilent Autosamplers
1$150.19New – Open boxAllen Bradley 1606-XLP50E Class 2 Power Supply DC 24-28V 50W Max
1$100.19New – Open boxKimble Chromaflex Column 420530-0252 250mL Capacity
1$100.19New – Open boxBrady #123952 Avoid A Fall Use Handrails 10″ x 7″ Lot of 10
1$100.19New – Open boxMcMaster-Carr Hight Temp Silicone Rubber Sheet Red 36″ x 36″ x 1/8″ Medium Soft
1$100.19UsedPIP 300-158 Red Reflective Incident Command Vest Size 2XL-3XL Lot of 22
3$60.19UsedSide Load Exam Glove Box Dispenser 16″ x 10″ x 4″ Lot of 3 GLOVES NOT INCLUDED
6$35.19UsedS-Curve Exam Glove Box Holder 10″ x 15″ x 3.5″ Hold 3 Boxes GLOVES NOT INCLUDED
2$450.19New – Open boxLabconco Filtermate Formaldehyde Filter 3923401
2$60.19New – Open boxMSCI McDonald 900158469 Load Cell 150 kg Capacity F.S. Output 1.947 mV/V
4$50.19New – Open boxMSCI McDonald Scale 90030781 Load Cell 15 kg Capacity F.S. Output 1.873
1$70.19New – Open boxBrady Bouffant Caps Dispenser PD524E Clear Acrylic 14″ x 12″ x 8″
6$65.19New – Open boxNMC Acrylic Ear Plug Dispenser AEP-D 12″ x 12″ x 6″ With Green Hinged Top
28$175.19New – Open boxSecure Numbered 9″ Pull-Tite Red 653-2 Case of 1000
3$40.19New – Open boxDayton 6AKY5 Wet/Dry Vacuum Accessory Kit
1$55.18New – Open boxVacuum pen sets V8901-A-ESD Virtual Industries PV-2A Selecta Lot of 2 sets
1$100.18UsedAmetek Diaphragm TC-1-150 w/ Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSI
1$6,500.19Used250 Gal. Mix Tank Cooking Steam Kettle Floor Standing Stainless Steel
1$30.19New – Open boxDayton 6AKY5 Wet/Dry Vacuum Accessory Kit (Missing the 14″ Nozzle)
1$35.19New – Open boxPolyconn PC120NB-42 1/8″ M x 1/4″ F Adaptor Lot of 4
2$50.19New – Open boxRock River 50257 3/8″ x 5″ 304 S/S Wedge Lot of 22
1$40.19New – Open boxClippard Minimatic USR 12-1/2 Pneumatic Cylinder 3/4″ Bore 1/2″ Stroke Lot of 2
1$175.19New – Open boxMagnet for MPM Screen Printer A2-834 Rev C A2-757 Rev B
2$40.19New – Open box3/4″-16 Acorn Nut 410064M16-FNA For Chopper Shaft Lot of 4
1$100.19New – Open boxDobbins 2in Platinum Silicone Screen TC Gasket, 6 Mesh 40RXPXS200-6SS Lot of 8
1$30.19New – Open boxGrand Specialties 8G Replacement Shoes for 400/600 Series Door Holder Lot of 5
4$50.19New – Open boxDuPont Tyvek Iso Clean Shoe Cover Size Large IC461SWLG03000B Box of 300
8$30.19New – Open boxHantover 40447 Sleeve Polypropylene 18″ PE Coated White Case of 200 Item #M4018W
1$40.19New – Open boxCAL2-2520-165-25 Zinc Plated Steel Knurled Rivet Nut 4 Packs of 25
1$50.19New – Open boxCPB2-2520-280-10 Slotted Body Rivet Nut Yellow Plated Steel 5 Packs of 10
1$50.19New – Open boxWiremold V5703 Supporting Clip Ivory 5 Packs of 10
2$50.19New – Open boxWiremold 806 NM Cover Clip 800 Series Ivory 5 Packs of 10
1$30.19New – Open boxWiremold 811 90 Degree Flat Elbow Ivory 4 Packs of 2
2$40.19New – Open boxGrand Specialties 4″ Lever Door Holder Model 604-Z Lot of 4
1$140.18New – Open boxCDQ2KB32-UIA9808 SMC Cylinder w 2 Reed Switches D-F79 145 PSI
1$45.18UsedH1036 Eaton / Cutler Hammer Heater Coil H1036 – Lot of 3
2$40.19New – Open boxSMC VX214HZ1FA vx2 2-Way Media Valve
1$50.18UsedSimpson 1327 DC Volts Panel Meter 3-1/4″
1$100.18UsedM5475 AMCO M-5475-I Relay 8 pin
1$70.19New – Open boxGalflex Flexible Steel Conduit Type RW 1/2″ 100Ft
1$30.19New – Open boxFlo Control 8 x 2 IPS Slip Saddle Style II 458020
2$50.19New – Open boxLegacy Quick Coupler 1HRL3A Lot of 4
3$50.19New – Open boxLegacy A77620-BG-GRA Quick Coupler 1HRL3 Lot of 6
1$30.19New – Open boxCable Glands BW20S BS6121/EN50262
1$50.19New – Open boxMaster Lock Safety Series 488 Lockout Device Lot of 3
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0210E 10mm Tee Bag of 5
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0310E 10mm Elbow Bag of 6
1$35.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0306E 6mm 90 Degree Elbow Bag of 10
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0308E 8mm 90 Degree Elbow Bag of 10
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0406E 6mm Straight Connector Bag of 10
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0408E 8mm Straight Connector Bag of 10
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM200806E 8mm-6mm Straight Connector Bag of 10
1$35.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0206E 6mm Tee Adapter Bag of 9
1$30.19New – Open boxJohn Guest PM0410E 10mm Straight Connector Bag of 10
1$550.19UsedDMG Vertriebs und Service GmbH 718398 20 Hydraulic Pump w/SNK-O Level Gauge
1$175.19New – Open boxNEC Electra Power Supply Unit Shell PS-16-3 PSU AC105-129V
1$145.18New – Open boxMFH-3-1/8 Festo Solenoid Valve MFH-3-1/8 Type 7802
1$155.18New – Open boxMJ-15S Lubriquip Divider Valve w Connector
3$50.19New – Open boxMcMaster-Carr MC10061420 EG 1/4″-20 Clamping Nuts w/Spring Package of 5 Lot of 3
1$20.19New – Open boxBRC 300PSI Pressure Gauge for Fire Protection Model W101 Air/Water
1$50.19New – Open box3M Particulate Filter P95 2078 Lot of 6
1$75.19New – Open boxKoch Aluminum Framed Mesh Air Filter 20.5 x 24.5 x 0.75 118-204-244 Lot of 2
6$30.19New – Open boxNGP 5050C-25′ Self Adhesive Silicone Seal Lot or 2
1$25.19New – Open boxNGP 5050C-20′ Self Adhesive Silicone Seal Lot or 2
1$30.19New – Open boxLubriplate 3000 L0108-001 14oz. Lot of 3
1$100.18New – Open boxSKD30/12A1 940-1989 Farnell Bridge Rectifier, 30A, 120V, 3PH SEMIKRON
1$50.17UsedSwitch UN80C20 Kasuga w/ Interlock Hoist switch 2NO
1$500.17For parts or not working72493G1 Volkmann 9000 TB Woods Electronic Drive 3ph 30hp
2$50.17New – Open boxAllen Bradley OD156 Coil 230-250 VDC
1$50.17New – Open box6S4A / 3D7393 Truetone Vintage Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$35.17New – Open box1/8″ x 3/4″ Ceramic Spacers Lot of 12
2$75.17UsedAmerican 60 Amp Main Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
1$65.17New – Open boxQ651A 1009 Honeywell Sub-Base for use with T4051-T6051 3-Position Switch
2$75.17New – Open boxV01209989 Idler
4$65.17New – Open boxFLSR 1 1/8 amp ID Littelfuse Indicator Fuse Lot of 3
1$100.17New – Open box12837 Hex Keypad Matrix 12 Key
2$60.17New – Open box3213-0899 Schrader Bellows Repair Parts Kit Lot of 4 Kits
1$55.17New – Open box6BK5 Westinghouse Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$50.17New – Open box81256A Thread Sleeve for Union Special Sewing Machine 80800 Lot of 2
1$60.17New – Open box6Y9 / EFL200 Admiral Vintage Vacuum Tube
8$700.17New – Open box4709938 GE Forklift Contacts NSN 5999000358374 Lot of 5
1$50.17New – Open boxForklift Forward and Reverse Pedal – Yale 620031300
2$100.17New – Open boxC104770 – 6 Groove Pulley Cinetic Landis Grinding Pulley Keyed
1$100.18New – Open boxSquare D MG24443 Circuit Breaker Multi 9 C60N 2A-Type C 2 Pole 480 VAC
7$100.18UsedMPM Support Block Magnetic Board 6-1/4″ High 4″ Wide 2″ Deep
4$60.18New – Open boxMPM Magnetic support board 4″ x 2″ x 1″ screening block platform
6$40.18New – Open boxVC3 Carbide Inserts TEG-2.522J Wit-Son Micro ground on 10 pcs
1$55.18New – Open boxCooper Tools Apex Sockets OSSF-10MM43 3/8″ Lot of 21
1$120.18UsedMPM Support Block Magnetic Board 6-1/4″ High 4″ Wide 4″ Deep
1$65.18New – Open boxMPM Magnetic support board 4″ x 4″ x 1″ screening block platform
1$40.18UsedFuse TRS70R Gould Shawmut Time Delay 70 amps 600vac class RK5 lot of 2
1$30.18New – Open boxHeating Element Square D B5.50 Overload Relay Lot of 2
1$50.18New – Open boxBrowning 3020 1-15/16 Taperlock Bushing
1$35.18UsedAuxiliary Contact Telemecanique VZ2 600vac 25a motor control switch module
6$80.18New – Open boxVC3 Carbide Inserts TEG-2.522J Wit-Son Micro ground on 20 pcs
15$50.18New – Open boxIndexable Milling Inserts GDXMP2004L KC 720 Kennametal GDXMP 20 04L 5 pcs
2$75.18New – Open boxInterbus Installation Manual SEW Eurodrive 10564705/DE written in German
1$60.17New – Open box6MQ8 Philco Ford Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$50.17New – Open box6U9 / ECF201 GM Delco Vacuum Tube in Original Box
1$50.17New – Open boxSquare D G2-BB-S3 Service Fitting Housing Kit
1$50.17New – Open boxMorrison 288MNT6 Manual Control Lever 8″
1$60.17New – Open box6BF6 GM-Delco Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$100.18New – Open boxFuse Holder TR5/TE5 F/HOLDER 56200001009 Littelfuse Radial series 562 Lot of 136
1$80.18New – Open box200 AMP Fuse EOS200 eco ONE Time 600 volt economy Lot of 2
1$40.18UsedPush Button Momentary 800E Allen Bradley 800E-A2L Brass 800e-2D0 2x10V
1$55.18UsedIlsco D1099 Lug Bolt CU-AL Connector Dual Rated 600 MCM-4 TW0300MCM-0 Lot of 4
1$75.18Used7/32″ Starcut Gun Drill 0.2180″ x 6″ 3638292 C3 Carbide Coolant Drill
1$415.17New – Open box10A6130 53R-2110 Bailey Fischer Pressure Regulator w Mounting Plate
10$45.17New – Open box86-2798 Cutler Hammer Limit Switch Block – Lot of 2
2$60.17UsedAllen Bradley F100 1492-CB2 Circuit Breaker 10A 3HP
1$30.17New – Open boxGE 25 Watt 120 Volt Lamp Vintage Replacement Lot of 3
1$50.17New – Open box6JB5 / 6HE5 / 6JC5 Amperex Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$45.17UsedOil-Rite B-1725-1 120/60V 1/4 Orifice 7 Watts Solenoid Valve
1$55.17New – Open boxTungsram PY88 Vacuum Tube Vintage in Original Box
1$250.17New – Open boxBurkert 0331/A 2/2 or 3/2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Sub Base 24V 8W
1$80.17New – Open box9999 R23 Square D Electrical Interlock Class 9999 Type R23 –  Lot of 4
2$65.17New – Open boxARO 4951-193 Pivot Pin 1 1/8″ Diameter w/ 2 3/4″ Diameter Flange
1$90.17New – Open boxRCA 6360 Aircraft Radio Corp. Vacuum Tube 12/1959 Military Spec.
1$40.17New – Open box12SR7 Vacuum Tubes Vintage GE & Tung-Sol Lot of 2
1$50.17UsedAllen Bradley 195-FA11 Auxiliary Contact Series A 600V 10A Lot of 2
1$990.17UsedA10FN0 Cutler Hammer Nema Size 4 Starter 240V Coil w/ C320KB7 Auxilliary Contact
1$1,400.19UsedStainless Steel Tank w/ Transfer Pump and Steel Rolling Cart 110V 50 Gallon
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-94490 SMDS-N NEC Computer Phone card KTU REV 5 M-446818 NEW
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-94959 NEC Phone Port Card MDA-NA M-423678 Rev 1 MDMNA
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93836 NEC Generator Card Rev 3 KTU 352 M-419693 Rev 3B
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-171697 CP-NA(E) NEC Computer card KTU REV 1 RAM-N 465320-0
3$525.17UsedNSA-94630 COI-NB NEC KTU REV 4 COINB Computer card
1$420.17UsedNSA-94490 SMDS-N NEC Computer card KTU REV 5 M-446818
1$625.17New – Open boxCOINB NEC Computer card 16/48 4CKT CO Cd 510032 1648 t1011 source Inc Sealed
1$7,000.17UsedTSI 9271E Spectra Physics Model 127 Laser Assembly Analyzer Optical Components
1$100.17New – Open box1 1/2″ x 1 1/4″ Hex Bushing Steel Lot of 17
1$600.18New – Open boxUniversal Instruments Clinch Set Up Tool 43664601
10$50.17UsedCutler Hammer 1½ HP Manual Motor Starter Switch 20a 250vac Lot of 2
1$250.17UsedParker Schrader Bellows Remote I/O
1$150.17New – Open box035323000B Parker Schrader Bellows Filter
3$250.17UsedPBC10164 Schrader Bellows Air Cylinder Serial SGG08001A Bore 2.50″ Stroke 1.25″
1$390.17UsedHeynau G4V32MS/X Gearbox Nr 85611549
1$75.17UsedDongbo DBC2080 Roller / Conveyor Chain 49 Links 8.25Feet
1$290.17New – Open boxARO Corp 41082 O-Ring Lot of 50
1$75.17UsedGeneral Electric 5KH16KG99 Motor 1/12hp 1725 rpm 115V 1.85A Cycle 60 PH 1 Cont.
1$45.17New – Open box8E80 Radiant Lamp Vintage Projector Lamp B-H Projection 750W 120V T12 Lot of 2
1$395.17UsedAPS100SH-12 Advanced Power Solutions Test Products Power Supply F-S07-C
1$395.17UsedJDTH-2250-GZ-1C DC Motor 9150 by Litton Clifton w HEDS-5500 A06
1$395.17Seller refurbishedMitsubishi GM-EJB2 Geared Motor 3 Phase .4 kw 480V 4.0 rpm Output w/ Brake
1$495.17UsedAllen Bradley 505-BOD Reversing Starter Size 1 Series C
1$245.17Used612-701-109-D2406D-01 BUC 216 Branson Ultrasonic Welding Horn 1.43″ Diameter
1$50.17UsedGE CR120B 020** Industrial Relay w/ 55-513696G022 Coil 120/110V
1$26.17New – Open boxClark 905857 Hose Assembly
1$245.17UsedFD2100 Westinghouse Series C Industrial Circuit Breaker 100A 600V 2 Pole
1$100.18UsedMicro Switch FE7B-DA6V-M HONEYWELL Photoelectric Sensor Class 2 Circuits
1$50.18Open boxSwitching Power Supply TECTROL TC11D-1144 24VDC IN@2A/5.5VDC OUT@4A-22W
2$415.18New – Open boxPhotoelectric Sensor MCS 655AC-17 Warner Electric 7120-448-193 120vac
1$1,075.18New – Open boxRemote I/O Interface KHD2-IVI-AB1 Pepperl & Fuchs Remote I/O Node Adapter 92478
1$45.18New – Open boxE50KL545 Cutler Hammer Fork Lever E50KL545 1.5″ Lever Ball Bearing Roller
2$50.18New – Open boxMEN20 Reliance Fuse MEN20 Midget Time Delay – Lot of 5
1$160.18New – Open boxLM36-1250 Sick 2016792 Fiber Optic Cable 2016792 LM36-1250/04
1$150.18New – Open boxLM36-750 Sick 2015234 Fiber Optic Cable 2015234 LM36-750/04
1$130.18New – Open boxLM36-1000 Sick 2016772 Fiber Optic Cable 2016772 LM36-1000/04
1$400.17UsedRigging Sling Crosby 3 leg Cable WLL 7500 lbs 5/8″ Ring
1$75.17New – Open boxQuick Connect 316-QC4 Swagelok 316 DSI Lot of 2
1$75.17New – Open boxGage 1/4-20 UNJC-3B Southern Gage Standard Thread
1$65.18New – Open boxPneumatic Precision Regulator 10233 Fairchild 0.5-30 psig, 3/8″ NPT
1$50.18New – Open boxOverload Heater F61.4B 123F61.4B GE General Electric Lot of 3
1$165.18New – Open boxStandoffs & Spacers BRASS SPCR .375X1/16 5064-2 Keystone Lot of 680 pieces
18$50.18New – Open boxCarbide PCB micro Drill Bit Shank diameter 3.1mm MIXED Lot of 50
1$185.18UsedSlimkic Thermal Receiver Profiling 104098-02b 303857 9442
1$200.18NewEmbroidery Thread A&E Signature Multi-Color Mixed Lot 51 spools
4$250.18UsedTitanium Solder Fingers Wave Soldering Calsonic Kansei Lot of 100
1$65.18UsedKwik Switch Universal Milling Adapter 40 Tapper
1$50.17UsedRBM Controls 90-104 Potential Relay 18 Amp 250 V with 24 Volt Coil
1$45.17New – Open box17DE4 GM Delco Vacuum Tubes Lot of 2
1$45.18UsedContact Cover Type D-UK 4/10 Phoenix Contact Universal Lot of 39
6$80.18New – Open boxLimit Switch Component E50Ds1 Eaton Cutler Hammer Side Push Spring return Head
1$50.18New – Open boxER High Precision Collets 1/4 Precise Corporation 017013 17.5mm Lot of 2
7$65.18New – Open boxTime Delay Relay TDS120AL ABB 120VAC Digi-Set SSAC
3$625.17New – Open boxKSINB NEC Computer card 16/48 4CKT STD Cd 510041 1648 t1011 source Inc Sealed
1$100.17New – Open box3/4″ 45° elbow Class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/A105 55878 Lot of 5
1$150.17New – Open box3/4″ Union Class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/A105 SP38 Lot of 6
2$85.17New – Open box1-1/4 45° Elbow 1-1/4 Class 2000 Threaded A/SA105 Forged Steel Lot of 4
1$100.17New – Open box1/2″ Union Class 3000 MEGA Socket Weld A105N ML-FL CDAA CDAN Italy Lot of 5
1$50.17New – Open box1″ Pipe Fitting Cap Class 3000 Bonney IML Socket Weld SA/A105 Mixed Lot of 4
1$60.17New – Open box3/4″ Pipe Cap Fitting Class 3000 Bonney SA-A105 Mixed lot of 9
1$60.17New – Open box1/2″ Union Class 3000 Socket Weld A105N Lot of 4
1$75.17New – Open box1/2″ Union Class 3000 CWP Bonney Socket Weld SA/A105 Lot of 3
1$85.17New – Open box1″ Welded Socket Tee Fitting A105 3M Bonnie – Lot of 8
1$100.00New – Open box3/4″ Welded Socket Elbow Bonnie Forged Steel A105 B16 3M Lot of 18
1$140.17New – Open box1 1/4″ x 1″ Reducing Coupling SA105 Threaded  Lot of 6
1$120.17New – Open box1″ x 4″ Pipe Nipple A/SA106B Carbon Silicone Steel Lot of 22
1$60.17New – Open box1″ Socket Weld 45 Degree Fitting Lot of 8
1$75.17New – Open box1-1/4″ x 1″ Hex Bushing Steel – Lot of 17
1$500.00For parts or not workingJib Boom Arms – Square Steel Tubing
1$60.17New – Open boxMini Jab Thermometer Connector Plug K-0621 J-0621 Davis Instruments Mixed Lot 15
1$85.17New – Open boxSteel Insert Screw Thread M45932/1-9L Allied Aerospace Military Spec Lot of 12
1$60.17UsedStraight Shank 1/2″ Tool Holder BH-3 Weldon tool A81
1$75.17New – Open boxSwivel Bearings GAB520Dg4 02758 Self-Centering  GAB-DMTBS93999 QAR27738 Lot of 2
1$180.17UsedRegulator Valve 1PD11-F6T-15S Fluid Controls Hydraulic Pressure
1$50.17Used1″ Radius Gage 186-005 Mitutoyo
1$95.17UsedSpindle socket Model 50 ASA Spin-L-Mate Cleaning Tool
4$300.17New – Open box14M-40S-20 SF Gates Poly Chain GT Sprocket
1$200.17UsedZiatech Corp ZT200-24WP2F1-A Card Cage
1$60.17New – Open box0D150 Allen Bradley Magnetic Coil 6 VDC OD150
1$40.17New – Open boxMotorola 12JN6 Vacuum Tube
1$40.17New – Open boxNumatics MK55-K3 Block Assembly Repair Kit
1$50.17UsedEssex 128306-2965AB Relay 45A001
4$70.18New – Open box69A86 Allen Bradley Operating Part Coil Size 00 115-120V 60Hz 69A86
2$160.17UsedGE 15D21G023 Coil Size 0 200-208V 60Hz
1$190.18UsedGAST AJ121F – R6PP/R6PS Muffler Exhaust Muffler Assembly
10$45.17New – Open boxSAM Klockner-Moeller Digital I / O Indicator Module
1$80.17New – Open box13GB5 / XL500 GM Delco Vacuum Tubes Lot of 3
1$50.17UsedRBM 128116-1375DR Relay
1$40.17New – Open box9007 CT-62 Square D Limit Switch Base – Base Only
1$70.1712CR6 Fomoco Vintage Vacuum Tube Ford Motor Company
1$50.17Used3ARR3 B4E3 General Electric 3ARR3 B4E3 Relay
1$50.17New – Open box200-2 Morse Connecting Link C/L C/P S/F 1PB 332295
1$50.17Used3ARR3 B6TV3 GE Relay
1$75.17New – Open boxRPGC-Fan Sun Hydraulics RPGC-Fan Relief Valve OHU3
1$40.17New – Open boxLCF201 / 5U9 IEC – Mullard Vacuum Tube
3$65.17UsedWadsworth 60 Amp Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
1$950.17New – Open boxStruthers Dunn 236ABXP-200 Time Delay Relay. 2.0 to 200 Seconds 24 VDC Coil
5$75.18New – Open boxPower Supply HC12-3.4-AG Power-One AC-DC Amp 12V Linear DC
1$55.17New – Open box3/4″ Thredolet Class 3000 Bonney A105/SA105 SP97 36-3/4×1/2 Lot of 6
3$85.17New – Open box3/4″ Union Class 3000 IML Italy Socket Weld L506 A105N Lot of 3
2$120.17New – Open box1/2″ Tee Class 3000 IML Weld On T70 SA/a105N B16 Lot of 6
1$100.17New – Open box1 x 3/4″ Reducer Insert Weld On Class 3000 Bonney SA/a105 SP79 LOt of 7
1$100.17New – Open box1-1/2×1 coupling Weld On Class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/A105 Mixed Lot of 7
5$70.17New – Open box3/4″ Pipe Union Fitting Weld On Class 3000 Nicholson 4966 AT4586735 SA/A105
1$95.18UsedSwitchboard NEC Electra ET-8-4 Button Telephone Line Phone System
2$200.18New – Open boxAttendant Console Phone NEC ED484N 1648 DSS CONS 510322 ED-48-4 16/48 Telephone
2$250.18UsedUniversal Instruments Vacuum Tester Assembly USG 15psi 30 HG
1$2,500.17UsedLab Oven MO1440C-1 Mechanical Convection 300 deg c Lindberg Blue Single Phase
4$35.19New – Open boxLasco D2467 2″ Elbow 90 Degree Slip Fitting Lot of 4
6$25.19New – Open boxLasco D2467 2″ PVC Slip Socket Tee Lot of 2
7$40.19New – Open boxSpears 2″ PVC Cross Schedule Fitting 820-020 Lot of 2
3$150.19New – Open boxRF IDeas Access Control Reader RDR-805W1AKB-P
1$40.19New – Open boxBlue Shoe Cover Size Medium Super Sticky
1$120.19New – Open boxValuMax Liquid Guard Breathable Coveralls W/Booties, No Hood Size L Box of 25
38$90.19New – Open box3M Spectacle Kit 6878/07141
1$14.19New – Open boxBrady Dom Hot Water Pipe Marker 37355
1$24.19New – Open boxBrady City Water Pipe Marker Lot of 8
15$35.19New – Open boxBrady Compressed Air Pipe Marker Lot of 15
1$40.19New – Open boxBradley Hot Water Pipe Marker Card of 4 Lot of 18
1$60.19New – Open boxAllen Bradley Inductive Proximity Sensor 872C-D15NP30-E2
1$30.19New – Open boxDarnell Rose Polyurethane Corner Bumper Model A-1676 Lot of 4
4$160.19New – Open boxHoneywell Micro Switch LSM7N Heavy Duty Limit Switch
1$170.19New – Open boxHoneywell Micro Precision Limit Switch 1LS1
3$45.19New – Open boxIDEC Red Mushroom Emergency Stop Switch AVD311N-R
4$20.19New – Open boxLab Safety Supply Caution Hard Hat Required Plastic Sign 10×14
1$20.19New – Open boxLab Safety Supply Boiler Feed Water Pipe Marker Part# 28644A Lot of 2
2$30.19New – Open boxBoiler Blowdown Pipe Marker Lot of 2
5$35.19New – Open boxLab Safety Supply Danger Hot Sticker 11″x6 1/2″ Lot of 5
2$25.19New – Open boxMSD Relay 326XBX48P-002 10AMP 120VAC Time Delay 0.2 to 2.0 SEC
1$75.19New – Open boxValuMax Liquid Guard Breathable Coveralls w/Hood No Booties Size L Box of 15
1$135.19New – Open boxValuMax Liquid Guard Breathable Coveralls W/Hood No Booties Size 2XL Box of 25
1$125.19New – Open boxValuMax Liquid Guard Breathable Coveralls W/Booties No Hood Size XL Box of 25
1$135.19New – Open boxValuMax Liquid Guard Breathable Coveralls W/Booties, No Hood 2XL Box of 25
1$19.99New – Open boxGreen Diamond Filter Plate Shade 8-H 2×4 1/4 Lot of 4
3$100.19New – Open boxNatoli SU2538 Compression Tooling Lubrican NLGI Grade 2 With TFE Lot of 2
12$200.19New – Open boxNSA Flame Resistant Beard Net H01NYBN Package of 10
1$120.19New – Open boxNSA Flame Resistant Nomex Gray Hairnet H01NYHN Package of 6
11$200.19New – Open boxNSA Flame Resistant Nomex Gray Hairnet H01NYHN Package of 10
1$50.19New – Open boxHoneywell LSZ51A Limit Switch Roller Arm
3$30.19New – Open boxHoneywell LSZ52C Limit Switch Adjustable Roller
1$60.19New – Open boxStarrett Gage Holding Rod PT06784-A
1$50.19New – Open boxStarrett Gage Holding Rod 665C/657J
2$50.19New – Open boxBrady Cooling Water Pipe Marker Lot of 23
1$25.19New – Open boxBrady High Temp Hot Water Pipe Marker Lot of 8
1$18.19New – Open boxBrady Cooling Water Pipe Marker Lot of 6
1$15.19New – Open boxBrady Cooling Water Pipe Marker 4 per Card Lot of 6
1$35.19New – Open boxBrady Natural Gas Pipe Marker 4 per Card Lot of 16
1$90.19New – Open boxReusable Respirator 3M 6700 Full Facepiece, Small Face Mask / Gas Mask
3$90.19New – Open boxReusable Respirator 3M 6800 Full Facepiece, Medium Face Mask / Gas Mask
5$90.19New – Open boxReusable Respirator 3M 6900 Full Facepiece, Large Face Mask / Gas Mask
6$265.19New – Open boxDwyer Photohelic A3000 Type 2 ENCL Switch/Gage
1$490.19UsedMeistergram P680125 Flop Control Board and P680101 SBC Board with Video
1$40.19New – Open boxVollrath 81020 Stainless Steel 64oz Pitcher with Straight Sides
2$35.19New – Open boxNorton 2″ Speed Lok Tr Discs 66261004457 Surface Blend Very Fine Grit Lot of 20
11$60.19New – Open boxDupont Proshield Basic Frock PB267SWH3X003000 Box of 30 Size 3X
5$50.19New – Open boxTyvek Iso Clean Shoe Cover IC461SWHXL03000B Size XL Box of 300
2$275.19New – Open boxOhara Technologies 400-066 Hepa Filter for Pharmaceutical Tablet Coater
1$130.19UsedConduit Swivel Adaptor N3380 and N3381 Lot of 15
1$20.19New – Open boxGrainger Women’s Inspection Gloves Lot of 24
1$20.19New – Open boxBernard Replacement 14″ Jump Liner QJL-3545
1$25.19New – Open boxInvert-A-Bolt AA02-300-001 Fastener
1$70.19New – Open boxSwagelok Brass 1/4 Ferrule Set B-400-SET Lot of 70
1$25.19New – Open boxSwagelok Brass Ferrule B-600-SET Lot of 20
1$100.18UsedSoldering Station Hakko 939-1 Programmable Digital Temperature Lockout 631 Stand
1$1,000.19UsedMiller SRH-555 Stick Arc Welding Machine 3 Phase Welder
1$50.17New – Open boxBanner SPS101QP DC Power Supply 12-30 VDC 120mA 5 Pin Euro QD and Pigtail
1$90.17New – Open boxENL 500 Federal Pacific 500A Fuse Bolt-in for Lift Truck
2$75.17UsedWadsworth 60 Amp Main Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
6$75.17UsedWadsworth 60 Amp Range Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid
1$150.17UsedRedington 97DC-PNP-DS Photoelectric Sensor
2$500.18New – Open box141-06-13-54 Rosemount Conductivity Sensor 3/4″
1$120.19UsedWeco 100 Amp Main Fuse Pull Out Lid Holder Vintage
8$50.19Used1763 Walker Fuse Holder 30 Amp Screw-In ITE Fuse Base Block
2$200.19UsedWECO P1002A 100 Amp Main Fuse Block and Fuse Holder Pull Out
2$375.19New – Open boxWorcester 3/4″ Ball Valve 4466USW w Actuator 1SR-44 Mount MK536
5$125.19UsedC200H-BC101-V2 OMRON 10 Slot CPU Base Unit C200H BC101 V2
1$80.19New – Open boxCoilhose 8846R Pneumatics Fluid Power Air Line Heavy Duty Lubricators
1$40.19New – Open boxDixon 2A Pneumatic Air Quick Disconnect 1/4″ Hose Barb Fitting lot of 5
1$40.19New – Open boxPhoenix Contact SMKDSP 1 5/6 Terminal Block D-32825 300V 10A MAX lot of 50
1$45.19New – Open boxSwanson 1/4-28 NF Spiral Flute Taps lot of 12
1$60.19New – Open boxGenuine Graco Parts 288558 3/32 SST Needle Kit (NEEDLE ONLY)
1$50.19New – Open boxeM Power assembly Expert v1.0.1 build 1.01.14/39
1$50.19New – Open boxeM Power Process Management v1.0.1 eM- Assembly Expert 1.01.14/41
1$150.19New – Open boxThermobond Cir-Kit Combo SMT Threw-Hole Partial Kit 6993-0180 (See Description)
1$40.19NewB and K Precision PR-37A Oscilloscope Probe Kit (Partial Kit)
4$45.19UsedPT06SE-12-10P Bendix 10 pin Plug Assembly w 10-453985-123 Connector
4$50.19New – Open boxAirmite DAP 100-1-23 Air Cylinder 1″ Bore 2″ Stroke
1$40.18New – Open boxFuse FLNR 175 ID LittelFuse Indicator 250 VAC Class RK5 Time delay
1$60.18New – Open boxMale Elbow SMC 5/16 x 8 S’Pore Black Mini Fitting push to connect lot of 14
1$85.18New – Open boxRoll link C2082H TSUBAKI C2082HASK2RL Stainless Steel Roller Attachment double
1$55.18UsedFuse FRS-R-4 Bussmann Fusetron Dual-Element Time Delay Class RK5 Lot of 10
1$50.18New – Open boxOverload Relay 592-B0V16 Series B Allen Bradley 592B0V16 NEMA A600
1$75.18New – Open boxMorse Taper Mount Spindle A0506 Jacobs Chuck Arbor No 5 Morse w/ No 6 Jacobs
1$125.18New – Open boxHydraulic Coupling Series LL6-HKP Hansen Quick Stainless Steel 3/4″ Female
1$50.18UsedCircuit breaker Type NB Federal Pacific 120/240V 2 pole 20 amp
1$95.18UsedPneumatic Air Rotary Actuator DSM-16-270-P-CC Festo
1$65.18New – Open boxTaper Bushed Sprocket 50BTB24 2012 Martin
1$55.18New – Open boxCopper test ground battery Clip 21c 100 amp Mueller Heavy Duty Solid Lot of 6
1$85.19New – Open boxAsco Red Hat 832429 Solenoid Valve
1$40.19UsedLESRK 125 Bush Fuses 125 Amp Time Delay Dual Element Current Limiting Lot of 3
5$35.19New – Open boxSquare D Buss Bar Standoff 15-1/2″ Long for Panels FSP40M or FSB40M
1$6,500.18UsedTombstone H5A T-Base CNC Horizontal- 218 Pin and 219 Threaded Holes Per Side
1$55.18New – Open boxFurnas C16 Thermal Overload Heaters – Lot of 2
1$200.18UsedThayer 1159PM41320-1 Engine Mount Rev. A MF2 3-17 Det
2$25.18New – Open boxBadge Clip 505-A Clear Vinyl w Metal Clip I.D. Card Lanyard Connector Lot of 100
16$35.18New – Open boxBUSS CHCC2 30 Amp Modular Fuse Holder 2 Pole New
1$50.18UsedAllen Bradley 700-N800A1 Series B AC Control Relay 110/120v Bulletin 700
1$160.18UsedAR642 Crouse Hinds 4 pole Receptacle w ARE56 Condulet
1$1,000.18Used0071818-135 HK Systems Tripper Assembly 0071818-135 135 RPM
5$45.18New – Open boxS44M100S01 Portescap Welding Drive Motor 16 Ohms
1$55.18UsedParker Pancake Cylinder 2″ Bore 0.5″ Stroke 250 PSI
1$45.18New – Open box2″ Bore Parker 1PLP00001368 Air Cylinder 2.00NLP30.60
1$50.18UsedMetal Counter Sink Drill Bits for Metal Work Misc lot of 24
1$85.18New – Open boxRexroth R065822540 Compact Linear Bushing Compact-KB lot of 4
1$50.18UsedCounter Sink Drill Bit For Metalwork – Misc Lot of 24
1$50.18UsedGPS1BHAL Motor Starter 690V 50/60Hz
1$250.17UsedGeneral Switch 1004N Safety Switch Type R 100 Amps 240v 4 Poles
1$225.17UsedClark American 62324 Enclosed Switch 200 amp 125-250V
1$75.17New – Open boxHauni 121DR 187F Var 115 Paddle Wheel
5$70.19UsedB-25-S Pankek Thermal Overload Relay Contact Rare!
2$35.19New – Open boxHoneywell AT87A 1189 Transformer 48VA Pri 277V Sec 26.5v 8854 1189
1$450.19UsedUniversal Instruments PCB Vibratory Feeder Base Assy with 43261805
1$1,200.00Used45176301 Universal Instruments Flex Head Changer 45176301A Pick and Place Feeder
3$400.19New – Open boxITT General Controls A100G543 Thermopilot Relay Millivolt Operation RARE
1$250.19NewBall Nut Flange Mount 70B1c3 40mm AX2061
1$100.19UsedSeverance SC24 Spring-loaded Adjustable Countersink .512/ 522 X 100 Degrees
1$75.18UsedFederal Pacific X2020 Fuse Box Panel Cover 200 Amp (Cover only) 40″ x 16″
1$75.18UsedITE K-2234 Fuse Box Panel Cover 200 Amp (Cover only) 37″ x 15 1/2″
1$80.19UsedSquare D F-153 Fuse Box Panel Cover 200 Amp (Cover only) 42″ x 15 1/2″
4$50.19UsedFPE 602M 2 Pole Fuse Block 120/240 VAC
1$150.19New – Open boxUniversal Instruments 45465601 Spindle Height Gauge
1$60.19UsedGeneral Switch 2B-L Twin 30 Amp Fuse Block
2$80.19UsedGeneral Switch DP-4 Vintage Fuse Block 60 Amp W/ 4 Screw in Fuse Slots
2$65.18UsedGeneral Switch 30 Amp Vintage Fuse Pull Out Lid W/ Notched Double Bar Divider
1$60.19UsedArrow Hart 100 Amp Main Fuse Block 24200-12 (Block only)
2$125.19UsedArrow Hart 100 Amp Main Vintage Fuse Block 24200-12 Pullout lid W/ Crossbar
2$50.19UsedArrow Hart 27162-53 Fuse Vintage Pullout Lid 60 Amp
18$45.19UsedA-H&H Electric Company Fuse Holder Cp-15 30A 125V 27136-47-2
15$45.19UsedA-H&H Electric Company Fuse Holder Cp-15 30A 125V 27136-47-1
1$50.19UsedMicholson Bastard Files lot of 9
48$35.19NewCarr Lane UT71051A Drill Jag Bushing Lock Screws lot of 6
1$50.19UsedOHMITE SSC-205-SS-1S 240VAC Relay
3$58.19UsedBUSS 100 AMP Fuse 250V Class RK5 W/Dual Element Time Delay Mixed lot of 10
1$25.19UsedEagle 200 AMP Fuse 250V CAT.No 655 lot of 3
1$100.19UsedSeverance SC24 Springloaded Adjustable Depth Countersink .629/.644X 100 degrees
1$40.19UsedGeneral Switch 30 AMP Vintage Fuse Pullout W/ Double Cross Bar (See Description)
1$500.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 13 3/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 4 mixed used
1$500.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 13 3/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 4 mixed
1$250.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 17 1/2″ Blade Assembly Lot of 2 mixed
1$500.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 17 1/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 4 mixed
1$370.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 19″ Blade Assembly lot of 2 mixed
1$175.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 11 3/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 2 mixed
1$155.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 9 3/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 2 Mixed
1$250.19UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 15 3/4″ Blade Assembly lot of 2 mixed
1$50.17New – Open box15251896 7 340 Automatic Transmission Control Lever Cable
1$50.17New – Open boxSingle Speed Insert SP-1-S DUCT-O WIRE
1$100.17New – Open boxRing Gage 361141020 Vermont Gage 1/2-20 UNF 3A STL GO
1$100.17New – Open boxSetting Ring 177-179 Mitutoyo Gage 20 Degrees C 110019
1$55.17UsedBarudan Meistergram M800 XLC 2″ Metal Pocket Hoop w/ Plastic Insert
1$195.17UsedHI LPS Hardy Instruments Load Cell Weight Module Assembly fits SB01-2.5K
1$295.17UsedP680855 Isolation Transformer used on Meistergram Model # M800 XLC MACH
1$25.19New – Open boxAllen Bradley 800T-XD2 Heavy Duty 600V Lot of 2
1$13.19New – Open boxAllen Bradley 800T-T2SB21 Series N 2 Way Switch Pilot (HVY) Duty 600V AC Max
1$350.19New – Open boxDomino DLI 011157 Bios, Labeled for AX8245 with LP104V2
6$8.19New – Open boxBussmann Super-Lag Fuse REN 6 amp Lot of 2
4$10.00New – Open boxLarge Fuse Clips 1-1/2″ Diameter One Mounting Hole 1.5″ for Large Fuses Lot of 2
1$100.17New – Open box3/4″ Pipe Union Fitting Socket Weld Class 3000 IML Bonney mixed lot of 5
1$40.17New – Open box1/2″ 90 degree elbow class 3000 Socket Weld SA105 B16 7115 Lot of 6
1$55.17New – Open box1/2″ Tee Class 3000 Both-Well Socket Well SA105N B16 AB008 Lot of 6
4$80.17New – Open box1/2″ 90° Elbow Class 3000 Bonney socket weld A105/Sa105 B16 Lot of 7
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93823 NEC Computer PHone Card SW-N M-419774 Rev 5 KTU
2$425.17UsedNSA-93823 NEC Computer PHone Card SW-N M-419774 Rev 4 KTU
1$125.17UsedNSA-93820 NEC Computer PHone Card MFC-NA M-419677 Rev 7 KTU
1$425.17UsedNSA-171573 NEC Computer PHone Card KSI-NC M-426102 Rev 1 KTU
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93826 NEC Computer PHone Card PFT-NB M-419682 Rev 2 KTU
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93826 NEC Computer PHone Card PFT-NB M-419682 Rev 3 KTU
1$30.17UsedS2022H10AA Columbus Electric Thermostat 22 Amp 125/277 Volt
1$1,500.17Used19ft Jib Crane Jib Boom Hoist Frame
1$95.17UsedEnd Mill 13-1/8″  Extension 701201-7 Rutland Tool 684 7/8″ End Mill Holder
2$100.17UsedGage Block .250 1/4 Mitutoyo Half Round jaw for square gage block
1$95.17UsedGage Block .500 1/2 Mitutoyo Plain jaw for square gage block
1$35.17GoodU5776 Super Loops 8mm Film About Responsibility – Vintage Education Film
1$35.17U5785 Super Loops 8mm Film About Being Mean – Vintage Education Film
1$35.17U5743 Super Loops 8mm Film “Trouble Shooting The Bell Circuit” – Vintage Film
1$35.17NewReptile Terrarium Bedding Tidal Marine Substrates Kona Coast Aragonite 22 lb Bag
1$55.17Open boxSharp 8P-048 3″ Mini Speaker 1W 8 ohm Lot of 6
1$695.17UsedP680200 Barudan America C.E. Board for Meistergram M800 XLC MACH
1$70.17UsedViewlex Film Splicer – Vintage Projector Film Splicer by Viewlex Inc.
1$100.17UsedBarudan Meistergram M800 XLC 12″ X 18″ Oval Metal Hoop w/ Metal Insert
1$40.17New – Open boxPVC Tee Joints SCH 40 and SCH 80 – Lot of 20
1$75.17UsedAllied International 9″ X 13.5″ Oval Wooden Embroidery Hoop w/ Insert Lot of 2
1$190.17New – Open boxMeistergram P413820 Jumbo Hook Assembly w/ Bobbin Case
1$390.17New – Open box16ZC-12742 / ARR21778-16 / 11-3C-C4 – Lot of 8
1$190.17New – Open boxPolishing Medium, fine grit – Lot of 63 lbs
4$50.18UsedBurkert 044980U Pneumatic Solenoid Valve
1$100.18New – Open boxCable Connectors 1460049 Frederick cable Gland cord 2000 pieces
1$30.19Used60 AMP 250V Class RK5 Aprox 3″ L W/ 3/4″ Diameter Fuse Mixed lot of 35
1$50.19New – Open boxDodge 71-250P Ball Bearing W/ Collar Size 1 1/2
1$35.19New – Open boxGould Shawmut ATQ4 Fuses 4 AMP IR10KA 500VAC lot of 9
1$55.19UsedFancourt PCB Angle Rack model PCBH-2L lot of 5
1$60.19New – Open boxMarshall PCB Rack 19 3/4″ L x 7″ W lot of 2
1$60.19UsedLokiray PCB Rack 21 1/4″ L x 8″ W lot of 2
1$275.18New – Open boxBus Module Simatic S5 Siemens 6ES5 700-8MA11
1$450.19UsedESF-SOIC US Vibra / Juki 4-Track Guidelane PCB Tray Vibratory Parts Feeder
1$195.19UsedMeistergram P413820 Jumbo Hook Assembly
1$450.19UsedESF-SOIC-8 4-Track Guidelane Vibratory Feeder PCB Parts Tray US Vibra / Juki
1$450.19UsedJuki / US Vibra ESF-PLCC-28/32 2-Track Guidelane Vibratory Feeder PCB Tray
1$650.19UsedESF-PLCC-28/32 2-Track Guidelane Feeder Vibratory PCB Tray Juki / US Vibra
1$100.18New – Open boxCarbide Inserts RTW CY55 Style M201 Grade CY-55 code 088373 Qty of 10
1$75.18New – Open boxHex Drive Torx Bit 49TX-15 Apex 90-220-0409 Lot of 7
1$7,500.00UsedVibro Dynamics 20 Series Heavy Machinery Press Isolator Pads BFM 1235 Lot of 4
1$2,500.19Used6″ Thick Steel Plate 83.5″ Long x 41.75″ Wide Drilled and Tapped Welding Table
1$2,500.19Used7-3/4″ Thick Steel Plate 60″ Long x 36.75″ Wide Drilled and Tapped Welding Table
1$175.18UsedSoldering Station Hakko 927 E.S.D. AC 120V-60W Output AC 24V Fuse 2A with stand
1$70.18New – Open boxPower Supply HC12-3.4-A Power-One AC-DC Amp 12V Linear DC
1$35.17UsedRobertshaw Acragage 0-30 PSI 316 SS Tube 316 SS Socket
1$55.17UsedUnistrut B-LB2023-ZN-1/4″ B-Line Tube Clamp Lot of 60 / 30 Sets w/ Hardware
1$35.17UsedEQ-P ITE 20 Amp Breaker 2-Pole – Lot of 2
1$30.17UsedRees 40703 Contact Block 1-NO 1-NC
1$50.17Used100-A18ND3 Allen Bradley Contactor w/ 195-FA22 Auxiliary Contact HB473 Coil
10$8.19New – Open boxSpears 2″ PVC Insert 1449-020
1$80.19New – Open box3M UltraFit Corded Ear Plugs Box of 100 340-4004
1$17.19New – Open boxDAP Weldwood Contact Cement Interior/Exterior
1$500.19UsedElectromatic Combi Timer S 110 166 115 Automatic Start 115V~50/60 Hz
1$12.19New – Open boxUND LAB INC Cutler-Hammer Toggle 2 Position Switch 10A-250V 15A-125V
1$10.19New – Open boxAllen-Bradley Push Button Switch 800H-AK2 Series B
1$25.19New – Open boxAllen Bradley Push Button Switch 800H-AK2 Series B W/Contact Block
6$18.19New – Open boxSwagelok Female Connectors SS-400-7-8 9/16×1/4 Lot of 2
1$100.19New – Open boxBullard PAPRFC3 Lot of 6 HEPA Filter 608 150 8260
1$60.17New – Open box1/2″ 90° elbow class 3000 IML Italy Both-well Socket Weld SA/a105N Mixed Lotof 6
1$525.17UsedNSA-93822 NEC Computer PHone Card SLI-NB M-424883 Rev 1 KTU
1$525.17UsedNSA-94629 NEC Computer PHone Card SLI-NB M-426103 Rev 5 KTU 465337-1 Rev 1A
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93820 NEC Computer Phone Card MFCNA M-419677 Rev 3 KTU MFC-NA
3$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93820 NEC Computer Phone Card MFCNA M-419677 Rev 7 KTU MFC-NA NEW Japan
5$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93832 NEC Computer Phone Card DSI-N M-423116 Rev 7 KTU DSIN 465313-1
5$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93824 NEC Computer Phone Card MFR-N M-419681 Rev 5 KTU MFRN
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93824 NEC Computer Phone Card MFR-N M-419681 Rev 2 KTU MFRN
1$100.17New – Open box1/2″ 45° elbow class 3000 IML Italy Socket Weld SA/a105N Lot of 10
2$85.17New – Open box3/4″ insert Coupler class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/a105 B16 Lot of 11
1$50.17New – Open box3/4″ insert Coupler class 3000 IML Italy Socket Weld SA/a105 B16 Lot of 6
1$50.17New – Open box1-1/4″ 45º Elbow class 3000 IML Italy Threaded SA/a105 ZE6 B16 Lot of 5
1$115.17New – Open box2″ Pipe Cap class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/a105 Lot of 4
5$625.17New – Open boxNSA-93832 NEC Computer Phone Card DSI-N M-423116 Rev 7 KTU DSIN 465313-1 Sealed
1$65.17New – Open box1/2″ 45° elbow class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/a105N B16 Lot of 4
2$1,000.18UsedSize 3 Combo Starter Sq D 8536E0-1 Series A Class 8536 9065
1$55.18UsedIonizing Air Nozzle NZ-3000 Series Julie Max Inlet 30 PSI
1$50.18New – Open boxPermanent Circuit Marker Kit APN48 APn48AD GE General Electric 1-48
1$220.18UsedNO-3 GAS 1-1/4 T Geometric Chaser Set
1$500.19UsedSemi-Auto Bottle Filling Machine 4-33oz 100-1000mL Water Thick Liquids Oil Sauce
1$3,500.00NewFabric Wholesale Spandex Athletic Jersey Uniform Polyester 3200 Pounds
2$275.18New – Open boxEyewash Emergency Station S19-881 Bradley Corp On-Site Portable Gravity-Fed
1$325.18UsedTorque Driver EP1510N Ingersoll Rand Screw Driver 50/60Hz 0.3A 115V EP151ON
1$175.18UsedSoldering Station ST45 Pace Digital Power Source Tool Stand Cartridge Iron
1$425.17New – Open boxElectromatic SA 205 724 Delay on Operate 0.8-18 sec
1$60.17New – Open box5GS7 Sharp Hayakawa Vintage Vacuum Tube
1$150.175KZ8 5J6 5GX7 5GX6 50C5 5763 5964 50HK6 50EH5 5LJ8 & More Vacuum Tubes Lot of 41
23$21.17New – Open boxLP-CC-10 Bussmann Low Peak Class CC Fuse
1$35.17New – Open box6GJ7 / ECF801 Vacuum Tubes Lot of 4 RCA / Sylvania
1$60.173CZ3A 3DG4 3DR3 3DS3 33GT7 38HK7 Vintage Vacuum Tubes LOT OF 6
1$45.1736AM3B Vacuum Tubes Lot of 3 Delco / RCA / Sylvania
3$55.17New – Open boxBTG498-FBP Brad Harrison Multi-port Interconnect 4 Ports / Dual Output 12 Pin
1$70.17Sylvania 1X2B Military Grade Vacuum Tube Packed 6/1971
1$100.1735W4 30AE3 / PY88 3BY6 3CB6 etc. Vintage Vacuum Tubes Lot of 40
1$45.17New – Open boxGE 259A2I39G5 Flexible Bus Long – Lot of 4 Kits
1$60.17New – Open boxZ6666 Nycoil 3/8″ Tube OD-3/8″ NPT Female Connector Lot of 10
1$55.17New – Open boxSKF 6206-22 Ball Bearing 30mm ID 62mm OD
1$45.17New – Open boxINA Bearing KRV35PP
1$30.17New – Open boxSchaefer Brush Flu and Condenser Brush 1-1/2″ Nylon Single Spiral
1$240.17New – Open boxIFM ST1604 Flow Sensor 20-36V DC
1$225.17New – Open boxHoneywell 1LN1-1-RH Micro Switch 250 VAC
1$45.17New – Open boxTPC 84306 Quick Connect Cable 3 pin Female 6ft
1$40.17New – Open box7054, 7551, 7AU7, 7HG8 / PCF86 Vacuum Tubes Lot of 8
1$1,990.17New – Open boxMitsubishi GM-LJ Geared Motor 7.5kw Continuous Rating Gear Ratio: 1:30
1$50.17New – Open boxPepperl + Fuchs 516-325-E5-C-S 4
1$40.17New – Open boxBHC/DYS/DYV Osram and Wiko 600W 120V GZ9.5 Halogen Photo Optic Lamp Lot of 2
1$40.17New – Open boxCutler Hammer Contact Block 10250T3 10A 600VAC 2NC
19$65.17New – Open box10250T1 Cutler Hammer / Eaton Contact Block  1 N.O. – 1 N.C.
8$40.17New – Open boxFlow Ezy Filters 6927-10 Tank Mounted Strainer Lot of 2
12$65.17New – Open boxGraco 218-560 Sprayer Replacement Fluid Needle Stainless Steel – Lot of 2
7$100.17New – Open boxWhatman Centrifuge Filters VectaSpin 3 6832-0405 Polypropylene 0.45 – Jar of 25
100$35.17New – Open boxWork Gloves Gripping Finger/Palm Coated SIZE SMALL Best Gloves – Lot of 12 Pair
3$100.17New – Open box2×1 Reducer Insert Class 3000 Bonney Socket Weld SA/a105 Lot of 4
6$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93827 NEC Computer Phone Card AHR-N M-419684 Rev 3 KTU AHRN 465312-0 Rev 5A
5$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93825 NEC Computer Phone Card PFT-NA M-419682 Rev 2 KTU
2$625.17New – Open boxNSA-93827 NEC Computer Phone Card AHR-N M-419684 Rev 3 KTU AHRN Sealed
1$425.17New – Open boxNSA-93825 NEC Computer Phone Card PFT-NA M-419682 Rev 2 KTU no box
1$525.17New – Open boxNSA-93825 NEC Computer Phone Card PFT-NA M-419682 Rev 3 KTU
1$60.17UsedGSG 5/16-24 UNF-3A Go NoGo Threaded Ring Gauge
1$120.17UsedVTG 1/4-20 UNC-3A Go NoGo Threaded Ring Gage Lot of 2
1$60.17UsedGSG 1/4-20 UNC-2A Go NoGo Threaded Ring Gage
1$60.17UsedThermocouple Probe BN215703 SS General Purpose 8″ Davis Instruments Lot of 3
1$100.18UsedNorthman Coil for Hydraulic Valve 220V/60Hz 1″ ID; 2-1/16″ Wide; 3-3/16″
1$275.18New – Open boxDT X axis stage 40×90 LS-912 Chuo Precision LS-912-22 BON10153
1$80.18New – Open boxSolder Wire .015 Alpha Telecore Plus 63SN/37PB Cookson Electronics 2 pounds NEW
3$55.18New – Open boxSoldering Wire Alloy SAC 305 .015 Indium in Corp 1# 5oz lot
1$45.18New – Open boxGrounding Angle Plug GE4337-9 GE Dyna-Mate Straight Blade 30a-125V 2 pole 3 wire
1$275.18New – Open boxX axis screw type stage RX-X Chuo Precision X-stage BON40154
9$85.17New – Open boxC7600C 1016 Honeywell Humidity Sensor Trane Economizer X13790376-01 BAYENTH005A
4$45.17New other (see details)000-606-1001 LPM Hydraulic Brake Master Repair Cylinder Kit 1-1/4″
1$35.17New – Open boxV-551-A Sloan Vacuum Breaker Repair Kit for V-500-A and V-500-AA Lot of 3
9$35.17New – Open boxA-15-A Sloan Molded Discs for Royal and Regal Lot of 2
1$60.17New – Open box9999D11 Square D Auxiliary Contact Type D11 Class 9999 Nema B600
1$25.17New – Open boxBS-7 Euchner 7 pin Female Connector BS7
3$50.17New – Open box3333097 51224 Solenoid Valve Repair Kit for 1/2″ Solenoid 3333097
1$55.17New – Open box1212-SLV Federal Mogul Bearing – Sealed
1$450.19UsedESF-PLCC-18 Juki / US Vibra 4-Track Guidelane PCB Feeder Tray
1$100.19UsedUniversal Instruments GSM Vibratory 100 PLCC Guidelane Cover Plate- Lot of 4
1$100.19New – Open box3M Push In Earplugs part 1006858 W/ Cord lot of aprox. 200 (see description)
2$100.19New – Open box3M Classic Earplugs Part 1002949 W/ Cord lot of 200 (see description)
1$25.18NewAdjustable Fabric Wrist Band and 6ft Coil Cord W/1 Meg WBB-AFWS61M lot of 5
1$40.18New3M 4610 5″ LW ground Cord W/ 4mm Snap 98-0798-3482-0 lot of 8
1$30.00New3M 2391 Dual Conductor 5″ Coiled Ground Cord 98-0798-5536-1 lot of 5
1$50.18New3M ECWS61M-1 Wrist Band and 6 Ft Coil Cord 80-0009-5397-8 lot of 10
2$50.18Open box46890801 S P 10/6 Part ( See Description)
1$40.18UsedGould Shawmut RF-100 100 AMP Renewable Fuses W/ Time Delay VAC 250 lot of 3
3$65.18UsedSquare D FSP-260 60 Amp Fuse Block W Pullout Lid M-224033 240 VAC
1$70.18New – Open boxMirror Assembly ASSY 20008000 Universal Instruments Reflector
1$120.18New – Open boxMotor SP-B6BR2 Morrill Motors 230V 50/60Hz 6W Output Class B 1450 RPM
1$60.18UsedPart # 4063 287201
1$65.18New – Open boxFuse FRS-R-45 Fusetron Bussman FRS-R-45 Class RK5 600V
1$60.18UsedFuse holder Block F-10N KimDen Din BNL-6
1$100.18New – Open boxFlush Receptacle 5552-B Hubbell Polarized 20 AMP 250 Volts Bakelite lot of 10
1$1,028.18New – Open boxRotary Cam Switch CS601-8E Precision Mechanisms 8 Position Double End Shaft
1$850.00New – Open box14″ x 20″ x 6″ Cincinnati Grinding Wheel A80R2R 3800Y 600rpm – Lot of 2
1$800.18New – Open box3A46-J5VBE NORTON Centerless Grinding Wheel 20″ x 5-1/2″ x 12″ – Lot of 2
1$1,500.17UsedStainless Steel Portable Tank w/ Transfer Pump 110V  36 Gallon
1$2,925.17New – Open boxAS-CLRS-116 Acuity Right Angle Camera Assembly CA-XCVHM-050 10 Pin Cable
1$60.18New – Open boxStarter Coil Size 0 Allen Bradley 70A86 120 V 60 Hz
1$90.18New – Open boxTapered Roller Bearing 30308J2 SKF 40x90x25.25mm 30308J2/Q
2$50.18Usedindicator light Clear Square D Class 9001 Type DNFN Contact Block Lot of 2
1$80.18New – Open boxReceiver Bushing BallLock Jergens Mounting System 697830 111-049507 Lot of 2
1$150.18UsedOptical Gaging 421909 Rotating Staging Fixture
1$2,000.18UsedBignell Spindle End Collet Chucks Woodturning Lathe 3600 & 1800 RPM – Set of 16
2$90.18New – Open box3/4″ CTS CPVC Cap (Socket) 4147-007 Spears cap fitting Lot of 300
1$55.18New – Open box3/4″ CTS CPVC Cap (Socket) 4147-007 Spears cap fitting Lot of 173
2$90.17UsedMilbank 200A 600V Meter Base Bottom Feed
1$100.18UsedSeverance Countersinks Bits HSS EDP 15813,EDP 15791,EDP 15826 and more lot of 15
1$90.18New – Open box1601 Coil Hose 1/4″ NPT Male T Plug Air Fitting – Lot of 19
1$50.18New – Open boxCL-10-SLL.B Carr Lane Slotted Locator Bushing lot of 2
1$15.18New – Open box5.3-.12 50 “T” Counter Sink Drill Bits for metal Tip .25, Shank .75
1$80.18UsedJMFH-5-1/4 FESTO Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 10410 U902 120 PSI
1$50.18UsedHoney Well 1300G-1 13016B10C7 REV F Scanner with Cable
3$225.18New – Open boxSick Fiber Optic Cable LM38-751/11
1$75.18New – Open boxCincinnati Milacron Blueprint for T30/T40-5Axis Horiz.Mach.Center w/950 CNC
1$55.18New – Open boxRBC bearings S16LW CF-1/2-SB Cam Follower lot of 2
5$40.18New – Open boxSMC Corp KQB2L11-N01S Nickel Plated Male Elbow Fitting 1/2″ Tube lot of 2
5$40.18New – Open boxCPC Colder MC2404 Quick-Disconnect Pipe Adapter Insert 1/4 NPT Lot of 2
5$40.18New – Open boxCPC MCD1002 Valved Male Thread Coupling Body 1/8 NPT lot of 2
5$40.18New – Open boxCPC MCD1004 1/4 NPT Valve Coupling Body lot of 2
1$245.18New – Open boxSick Optical WLL12-B5181 Photoelectric Sensor 1011677
1$60.18New – Open boxInterstate Plug Nut Tap 3/4-16 HSS lot of 3
1$40.18New – Open boxSMC KSL10-02S Elbow Fittings New lot of 6
1$75.18New – Open boxCincinnati Milacron Full Blueprint for 20V SAxis ATC A-950
1$75.18New – Open boxCincinnati Milacron Blueprint for 5 Axis Bridge Profiler A-950
1$60.18New – Open boxJohnsonite Wall Base CB 40 1/8 X 6 ” Toe 011540411 Black …… 41 Foot total
2$30.18New – Open boxIndustrial Pneumatic Hose fitting Coil Hose 128 Hose Barb 1/2 New Lot of 3
1$415.18UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 14″ Blade Assembly Set No Part Number Used
1$525.18UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 17 1/2″ Blade Assembly Set Unmarked Used
1$365.18UsedMPM Speed line Accuflex 10″ Blade Assembly Set 001960-10/D Used
1$350.18UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 10″ Blade Assembly Set 001959-10/C Used
1$300.18UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 8 1/2″ Blade Assembly Set 001959-08/C Used
1$150.18UsedFusetron FRS-R-150 Amp W/ Time Delay 600V lot of 5
1$300.19UsedRotomation Rotary Actuator A32-180-TC-HS75-3A-3C4-2RL-1/4-2 35548X101
1$40.18UsedECSR-15 15 amp fuse mixed lot of 6 class RK-5 w/ Time Delay 600V
1$50.18UsedDickson TM320 Temperature and Humidity Logger w/ Display Alarm USB port
1$80.18New – Open boxBussmann DFJ-60 Fuse amp 60 Class J fuse Lot of 2
1$120.18UsedLittelfuse FLSR 60 w/ Time Delay fuse Class RK5 Powr-Gaurd Amp 60 lot of 20
1$100.18New – Open boxSGS 46360 Ser Z1M 6MM Z-Carb Square bit lot of 6
1$190.18New – Open boxLittel fuse Holder 3 Pole LR60100-3C 600 V. 100A
2$30.18New – Open boxIndustrial Pneumatic Hose Fitting Coil Hose 127- 3/8 Hose barb 1/2 lot of 3
1$50.18UsedDickson TM325 Temperature and Humidity Logger w/ Usb port Alarm and Display
1$300.18UsedMPM Speedline Accuflex 16″ Blade Assembly Set of 2 001959-16/C Used
1$100.18UsedDead Center Morse Taper 6″-12″ Lot of 5
1$400.18UsedAB4Y2000 Fuse LEF Econotim 2000 amp Economy 71-142-200-007
1$275.18New – Open boxSiemens Breaker Mounting Hardware Kit for QJH22B200
3$100.18New – Open boxPermanent Circuit Marker Kit APN48 GE General Electric 1-48 with Screws
1$75.18UsedThreader No. 0-R Pipe Ridgid Thread Tool Ratchet Tap Die Head Handle USA
2$900.18UsedJL3-F400 ITE Circuit Breaker 3 Pole 600 VAC 400 Amp Frame with 225 Amp Trip
2$60.18New – Open box61004 Seal Kit Eaton Char-Lynn Series Motors 61004-000
1$48.18Open boxFreezer Defrost Timer 5300186907 WCI M406-G DG186907 FRIGIDAIRE
1$50.18New – Open boxBlack Push Button P9XPNNG GE Contact Blocks P9B10VN Lot 2
1$95.18New – Open boxPrecision locknut Bearing AM30 INA AM Series
1$170.18New – Open boxCKD Cylinder SSD-L-40-25 Special N Serial 8Z15 2 port
1$55.18New – Open boxRelay RWPB 3C Artisan Electronics RWPB 3C 120VAC Lot of 2
1$75.18New – Open boxMatrix Band Saw 3/4 35 5/8 Morse 7’9″ Varying Gullet Depth Lot of 2
1$70.17New – Open box117156 Dodge Taper Lock Bushing 1-3/16″ 1201 x 1-3/16KW Lot of 3
3$30.17New – Open boxCDU10-15T-f9N SMC Pneumatics Cylinder Bore 10mm Stroke 15mm
1$135.17New – Open boxF35-1-71-0 Simpson Digital Panel Meter 120V
1$110.17New – Open boxEI1805 NPOM-S Electromatic Photoelectric Sensor
1$25.17New – Open boxGE DHT Projector Lamp Bulb 1200W 115 – 120 Volt
1$360.17UsedRTC 850 Temperature Monitor DS6100 with Alarm
1$25.17New – Open boxGE DKM Projector Lamp Bulb 250w 21.5v
1$25.17New – Open boxGE DWY Quartzline Projector Lamp Bulb 120v 650w
1$370.17UsedA203E ITE Gould Size 3 Starter 480V Coil
1$100.17New – Open boxFIKE 316SS 150 ANSI GI MRK I-5 Size 2 91I061/91A067
1$65.18New – Open boxSolder Wire .031 .062 Kester SN63PB37 24-6337-8817 24-6337-8800 3 pounds 12 OZS
1$65.18New – Open boxSolder Wire .032 Cleanline 7000 Telecore Alpha 63sn37pb 3 pounds 12 oz
1$110.18New – Open boxMac Valve 821C-PM-591BA-122 4-way Model PME-591BAAA 24VDC 2.5 watts
1$415.18UsedGraco Flow gun 235627 4000 psi 276 Bar 27.6mPa 150° Severe Duty Pistol Grip
1$425.18UsedCylinder NF06A-X04-AHB00 IMI Norgren 3-1/4″ Bore x 6″ Max Psi 150 Air
1$110.18New – Open boxMix Nozzle 98373 Loctite 200/400 ml Square lot of 14 packs of ten
1$300.18New – Open boxVP2E Electromatic Photoelectric Switch Sensor VP2E
4$65.17New – Open box11-700-9900 Hyson Bleed Down Valve 11-700-9900
1$80,000.18New – Open boxHydroelectric Turbine Hi-Efficiency for Tide, Shallow River, Industrial Run-off
1$80,000.18New – Open boxTurbinas Hidroeléctricas – Turbinas de alta eficiencia
1$75.17New – Open boxMac 55B-12-PE-612AA Pneumatic Air Valve with PED-612AAA
1$50.17New – Open boxWML-717-292 Brady Wire Marking Labels Lot of 2 Boxes
8$180.17New – Open boxVP02EP-1317 1317VP02EP Carlo Gavazzi Photo Level Sensor 630-137 Tennant / Castex
1$100.00New – Open boxEaton 3 Position ON ON ON Toggle Switch Panel Mount – Lot of 10