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Quantity AvailablePriceConditionItem Title
1$37.59New – Open boxDayco CP210 Belt Super Blue Ribbon V-Belt Oil and Heat Resistant
1$97.63UsedMachinist Tool Adjustable Edge Clamps CarrLane CL-95-SAC Mixed Lot of 6 – CT1-A3
1$108.88UsedMachinist Tool Adjustable Edge Clamps CarrLane CL-105-SAC Mixed Lot of 6-CT1-A5
1$108.88UsedMachinist Tool Adjustable Edge Clamps CarrLane CL-105-SAC Mixed Lot of 6-CT1-A6
1$93.88UsedMachinist Tool Adjustable Edge Clamps CarrLane CL-45-SAC Mixed Lot of 6 – CT1-A8
1$143.12UsedC200H-MR831 Omron Memory Unit C200H-MR831 – 16KB Ram
1$32.59New – Open box10″ High Speed Steel Blades for Eastman Cutting / Industrial Sewing Lot of 7
1$20.09New – Open boxSkinner V5-627-F24 S32 Red Wire Coil by Honeywell
1$90.14New – Open box8342B3 ASCO Red Hat Valve 8342B3 3/8″ NPT Air – Water – Lt. Oil 120v
4$15.09New – Open boxHeater Coil H1044 Cutler Hammer 1044 New no Box
1$30.09UsedS Series Soldering tips Easy Braid ES75CH010 ES75CG025 ES75BV023 Lot of 4
1$25.09New – Open boxSoldering Replaceable Tip Cartridge SSC-722A Metcal De-Soldering
1$75.14New – Open boxSoldering Replaceable Tip Cartridge SSC-725A Metcal Oki De-Soldering Lot of 5
1$15,000.16New – Open boxSpandau Pumpen LMP1140GWR219L04BA / 3~Mot.1LE10011AA422FA4 LMP Pump Motor Assy.
4$400.17Used9050 E01773 or EQ1773 Square D Timing Relay 110V 2504-579 AE
1$225.17Used705X-B0D Allen Bradley Reversing Starter Size 1 120V Coils
5$162.50UsedRoyonic 410N/410/401 Programming Help Notes Version 211/S200 Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic 410 401 Programming Help Notes Version R 210/10/85 Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic LAN Adapter Installation Instructions Part No. RLA440 Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic Model 403 Manual Programming Unit Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic Model 410N PCB Assembly Station Installation And Operation Manual Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic Model 264 Off-Line Programming Software and Manual Copy
5$162.50New – Open boxRoyonic Source Code Language Specification For 400 Series Systems P/N RSC400
5$162.50UsedRoyonic Programming Unit User’s Manual Model 403 Version 211/S200 Software Copy
5$162.50UsedRoyonic 101 Installation and Operation Manual Copy
1$37.59UsedMachine Tools End Mill Collet S&M TD32S 1/1
1$37.59UsedMachine Tools End Mill Collet S&M TD32S .118
1$93.88UsedMachine Tools End Mill Collet MASWERKS Keb MD32 5/8HXLL Mixed Lot of 4
1$93.88UsedMachine Tools End Mill Collet MASWERKS Keb MD32 9/16HX Mixed Lot of 4
1$101.38UsedMachine Tools End Mill Collet MASWERKS Keb MC37 18mmSB Mixed Lot 7
3$35.08New – Open boxSiemens B120 Circuit Breaker 20A, 1 Pole, BL, 120V
2$2,000.16UsedBEI 722217305391 Industrial Encoder
1$30.08New – Open boxYale 916004300 Headlight Switch
1$135.14Used2-1/2″ to 4″ Reamer No. 254 Ridgid Spiral Ratchet Pipe
1$75.14UsedSpiral Reamer No 2-S Ridgid Ratchet Handle
2$75.14New – Open boxU2587 -1181 SDI Preamplifier with Unilock Genuine Parts
4$32.59UsedITE 2 Position Switch Maintained w/ Normally Closed Contact H31XNC
1$30.09New – Open boxSAIET E-A2TMU/2A / 5MT Inductive DC Proximity Sensor 10-60VDC 100mA w 5m Cable
1$22.59UsedH31XNC ITE Push Button Contact Block Normally Closed Lot of 2
1$30.09Used4″ Embroidery Hoop w/ Plastic Insert Barudan Meistergram M800 XLC
2$450.16UsedDatel Intersil PC-11864-C Circuit Board Module ASSY 11861 Intel Impact Systems
2$375.16UsedSiemens 13820-31 M921692A445-12 Gaging System Probe Limit Switch
2$750.16UsedBalluff BIS C-602-019 Controller BIS C-653
4$159.35UsedAllen-Bradley 1745-M1 Series B Eeprom Memory Module
6$130.10New – Open boxDielectric Paper – Grade .90/25u 19-3/4″ Wide 59 lb Roll
2$130.11New – Open boxTelephone Switchboard NEC Electra 16/48 ED-84-4 Phone Executive Line System
1$90.13UsedTelephone Executive Switchboard NEC Electra 16/48 ED-84-4 Phone Line System
1$75.13UsedXVA-LC3 Telemecanique Indicating Beacon Light XVA-LC3
1$520.17UsedElectromatic SA 169 120 Delay on Operate 0.1-9.9 sec
1$22.59New – Open boxFast Heat BB61F Thinband Heater
1$32.59UsedFesto Solenoid Valve MOCH-3-1/8 w/ Coil MSW-24 7704 24V
1$27.59New – Open boxClark Check Valve Cartridge 2783505
1$105.13New – Open boxNU-1007M Consolidated Precision Bearing NU-1007M
1$82.63New – Open box71A83 Allen Bradley Coil for Contactor or Starter 240 V
1$143.11New – Open box2720-110150503 Samson Pressure Reducting Valve
1$375.17UsedTasc Drives Unit Controller 1220P
1$112.63UsedParker Thermostat Expansion Valve R407C R22
1$108.88New – Open box832032 G.D. Electronic Sensor Fotodiode 832032
1$15.09UsedCrown Potentiometer RV4NAYSJ501A HO
1$127.63NewSensor SSI A260546 JFE
1$520.17UsedSquare D FAL-36020 FAL36020 Circuit Breaker 20 amp
1$143.11New – Open box18539-00 Sample Cell Assembly Hach
1$17.59New – Open boxSMTO-4-PS-K-L Festo Proximity Switch
1$15.09UsedHN482764G-4 E-Prom T0009220  8431
1$47.59New – Open boxTurck Inductive Proximity Sensor NI2-G08-AN6
1$120.13New – Open boxTyco 34171 Electrical Ring Connectors Box of 500
1$131.38New – Open boxBesly Cutting Tool Tap 1-1/2″-12 NF HS GH4
1$22.59New – Open boxTrippe Limit Switch Model ELSW
1$82.63New – Open boxStirker Rolls for Townsend Riveters Lot of 8
1$15.09Used27C512-2JL LDQ8905 TMS E-Prom
1$32.59Used800MR-A2 Allen Bradley Pushbutton 2 Contact Blocks
1$45.09New – Open boxB112 B-LOC Corp. Locking Assembly 1 15/16″
1$625.17UsedElectromatic SXS 128 120 Current Supply System 128
1$525.17UsedElectromatic SA 205 120 Delay on Operate 0.8-18 sec
1$90.13UsedKlockner Moeller SM2-EPR4 EPROM Store Module
1$45.09New – Open boxMicro Switch Limit Switch Roller Plunger 5SL1
1$178.86New – Open boxPepperl & Fuchs Photoelectric Head MPP1HD 454428
1$15.09Used259A9210PXC Rectifier
1$82.63New – Open boxNLS Digital Panel Meter RM-350EC115
1$93.88New – Open boxConair Motor Mount Seals 107-005 Lot of 8
1$178.86New – Open box092030.00 A42P17NC1F Leeson Electric Motor
1$135.13New – Open box4520AE20AAAA53 Parker Pneumatic Valve 4520AE20AAAA53
1$15.09New – Open boxAE 1.1 Westinghouse Overload Thermal Heating Element AE 1.1
1$25.09New – Open boxDin Plug Hole Covers D64-E24A/V Lot of 24
1$195.11UsedKAL26125 Square D Circuit Breaker 125 Amp KAL26125
1$15.09UsedWestinghouse Overload Thermal Heating Element AO 3.0
1$143.11UsedMicrosmith T-DIO-64 Gnd + 24VDC Net Net 941101-78
1$525.17UsedElectromatic S 132156 120 Quartz Timer 0.1-99.9 min External Start
1$15.09New – Open boxRussell & Stoll EVER-LOK 8753U1 Female Receptacle Box Cover and Gasket
1$32.59UsedPulsotronic Sensor 9962-23
1$420.17UsedWestinghouse Latch A201L1A 506C555G01
1$86.38New – Open box83-12-218-03 Sola DC Power Supply
1$82.63New – Open boxThreaded Pipe Coupling 2-1/2″ 316 Stainless Steel
1$143.11Used15-01 DataLogic Optic Electronics Sensor LD 15-01
1$15.09New – Open boxTPC Wire And Cable 87198 Female Plug 4P 3 Ft
1$45.09New – Open box00-07124-00L Melt Pot Manifold Left Side
1$15.09UsedAluminum Panel 18-1/2″ Long 11-5/8″ Wide 1/16″ Thick
1$25.09New – Open boxGeneral Electric Pushbutton Blk w/ CR104P Block
1$90.13UsedAllen Bradley Relay BUL 700 BR-800 110V Coil
1$178.86UsedMSC Display PLC Board 12257 BCQ011001
1$1,050.17New – Open box30732425-001 Honeywell DSR01 30732425 Recorder Interface Logic
1$178.86UsedQ232200 Square D Circuit Breaker 200 Amp Q232200
1$90.13UsedCM3RA Banner  Code 0243A Amplifier Module
1$500.17UsedBetaTech FSC Transducerized Pulse Tool Controller SC-FSC-072-101
1$420.17New – Open box5A11 Allen Bradley Coil  Size 5
1$525.17UsedElectromatic S 210166 120 Combi Timer 5-100% 11 Spade
1$25.09New – Open box306RZ EM 1STB 0005 MRC Bearing
1$17.59Used7033 Memcor Resistor 25 Ohm AR200-25
1$365.17New – Open boxBox of 500 Tyden Brammall Mini Loc Cable Seals 1/32 x 8
1$135.13UsedAllen Bradley BUL 700 AC Relay BZ2-240A 110V Coil
1$25.09UsedConduit Hubs  Miscellaneous Sizes Lot of 7
1$112.63Used8551A001MS ASCO Solenoid Valve
1$37.59UsedOmron S3D-PSU Setting Unit
1$925.17UsedEncorp GPC PC Board 7-98-2 SAS 0796
1$22.59UsedARO Fluid Power 3-Way Palm Valve 5/32″ Fitting 461-3
1$143.11New – Open boxSamson Pressure Reducting Valve 2445-1113
1$195.11New – Open boxTH3223 General Electric Circuit Breaker 100A  240v
1$32.59New – Open boxVEC PTC-1  Hubbell Transition Connector
1$425.17UsedKey Technology Image Sensor Module 157818.002 rev B
1$142.63New – Open boxAVEL CE 728/2 Toroidal Transformer
1$925.17UsedEncorp GPC PC Board
1$15.09UsedAC9.3 Westinghouse Overload Thermal Heating Element AC 9.3
1$75.13Used700-P800A1 w/ 700-PB40 Allen Bradley AC Relay
1$40.09New – Open boxStainless Steel Socket Cap Screws 5/16-18 3″  Lot of 82
1$3,050.17New – Open boxIC9445D204 General Electric Limit Switch
1$15.09New – Open boxGoodrich Grip Tite 225L050 Timing Belt 60 Teeth
1$20.09New – Open boxClark Cone Bearings 654134 Lot of 3 w/ 1 Cup
1$143.11Used1SR-44 Worcester Spring-Return Handle Actuator 1SR-44
1$162.61New – Open box637005 ARO Genuine Replacement Parts KIT ASM
1$22.59UsedABB SSAC Solid State Timer ERDM321 24VAC
1$360.19New – Open boxNTAK01AA Northern Telecom c 16 CPU Conference Card
1$40.09New – Open boxGE Projector Lamps DYG 30v 250w Lot of 6
1$32.59New – Open boxClark Center Pin 108796
1$37.59New – Open boxCarlon Black Plugs P258JT 2″ Lot of 49
1$15.09New – Open boxDiamond C-3172CL-08-P Cotter Type Connecting Link Lot of 3
1$75.13New – Open boxBBC GHR4330001R1 Module Relay GHR4330001R1
1$625.17New – Open boxElectromatic SA 205 724 Delay on Operate 3-60 Sec
1$159.36UsedRicoh A098 5440 H A0235250B and A098 5440 – Assembly Boards
1$208.11UsedT-50113 Van Dorn Demag Copper Ring
1$25.09UsedWestinghouse 30 Amp MCP13300RC 2607D80G05 Breaker
1$3,050.17New – Open boxIC9445B200AC General Electric Limit Switch
1$130.11New – Open boxBodine Electric HY-Sync Stepping Motor 2411NC3069
1$2,500.17New – Open boxGE IC9445D203 Limit Switch
1$420.17UsedTMS UART Display Board 12833 Issue 2
1$12.59UsedGould Shawmut Tri-Onic Fuse TR6-1/4R 6-1/4 amp Lot of 3
1$790.17New – Open box077-41LA-PNAG-AG Crompton AC Frequency Meter
1$25.09UsedKlixon Compressor Relay T0C 9660-083-152m
1$90.13Used1C8008-594-1B Hydro Line Hydraulic Cylinder R2A 1.5X2
1$32.59New – Open boxAir Compressor Air Filter 17 3/4″ Tall
1$15.09New – Open boxHC902OFDP4M UltiporII Ultra life Filter Pg-18-18399W2
1$820.17UsedT.B. Woods E-Trac AC Inverter  AFC2002.0B2 2HP 230V
1$15.09New – Open boxDaniel Woodhead Cat No. 8R3E06A18A120 Connector
1$162.61New – Open box17AB04 Flapper Valve and Housing 7″  Stainless Steel Food Grade
1$221.11New – Open boxSeal Kit For PBM Series MP Ball Valve MPUTH4
1$211.36Used1382B-6501 Cutler Hammer Photoelectric Sensor Head 1382B-6501
1$130.11New – Open boxVAA-4E-G2-ZE Pepperl & Fuchs AS- Interface Sensor Module
1$30.09New – Open boxThomas & Betts Non-Insulated Fork Terminal RA18-8FL
1$30.09New – Open boxIFO Electric Fuse 16 amp 500V CEE16 Box of 5
1$17.59UsedFPE Circuit Breaker 20 AMP Type NEF-SWD
1$550.17New – Open boxJCL-A-9R Buss High Voltage Fuse  200 AMP
1$795.17New – Open box400:5  Westinghouse 3486C98H04 Current Transformer 3486C98H04
1$1,020.17New – Open box800:5 3486C98H08 Westinghouse Current Transformer 800:5 3486C98H08
1$22.59New – Open boxWatlow Firerod J10A62-NC14 Heater Cartridge 500 W
1$20.09New – Open boxSKF Flange Bearing YAR-205-100-2F w/ MK-170 Housing
1$45.09New – Open box2901 0109 00 Atlas Copco Elt. Mount Kit
1$920.17Seller refurbished8502 SFG2 Square D Size 4 Contactor Class 8502 Type SFG 2
1$620.17New – Open boxP46630 Bell & Gossett Pump Impeller P46630, size 5 3/4″
1$75.13New – Open boxTektronix 016-1686-00 Magenta Toner Cartridge
1$20.09New – Open boxMAC Pneumatic Valve Model 612CAAA
1$37.59Used592-A3DA Allen Bradley Overload Relay 592-A3DA
1$82.63New – Open boxNumerical Wire Markers Reels of 1000 Size 2 – 0,1,2
1$17.59UsedRFI Filter 070154-03E 651-9011
1$32.59UsedTECHNITROL Definite Purpose Contactor 91331
1$75.13New – Open boxNew Liquid Tight Cable Connectors 1 1/8″  Lot of 50
1$15.09New – Open boxAmphenol Quick Cable Disconnect 6-86652-002
1$725.17UsedA.B.M./Gits Follower 12391, 51490, 117920 Quilting
1$475.17New – Open boxGeneral Electric TED136070 70 Amp Circuit Breaker
1$32.59New – Open boxBrother Panel Meter 0-50A YL-80
1$625.17New – Open boxCarlo Gavazzi SC 215 115 One Shot Timer 0.15-3 Sec
1$37.59New – Open boxAllen Bradley 1/4w 37-1895-42 Fixed Resistors
1$37.59New – Open boxBANNER OPBA2 Power Block Sensor Head
1$500.17NewCarlo Gavazzi Photoelectric Switch PB15IPPA-1
1$30.09New – Open boxARO 90550  Pneumatic Air Cylinder Part
1$15.09Used3NE8015 25A 660VAC Siemens Sitor Fuse
1$40.09UsedEuchner Limit Switch NZ1VZ-528 E
1$920.17UsedEncorp GPC PC Board DPMIPV3
1$143.11New – Open boxProcess Control Sys Sensing Head w/ Cable & Mount 1463
1$178.86UsedCA3175Y Westinghouse Circuit Breaker 175 Amp CA3175Y 4990D77G22
1$770.16UsedWestinghouse Circuit Breaker 300 Amp DA3300
1$22.59New – Open boxGeneral Electric Coil 55-000001G002
1$90.13UsedNorgren Actuator M/778/25 25mm/1″ Stroke
1$30.09New – Open boxNibco Bronze Check Valve S-413 1″
1$27.59New – Open boxGates 240XL037 PowerGrip Timing Belt – Lot of 3
1$37.59UsedAllen Bradley Pilot Light 800H-QR11 120V Blue
1$146.36New – Open boxCopes-Vulcan Parts 347397 Mixed Large Lot
1$32.59New – Open boxNumerical Wire Marker Reels Sizes 2 & 2.5 #7
1$625.17New – Open boxElectromatic SP 149 115 Digital Counter Relay
1$17.59New – Open boxT&B Liquid Tight Fittings 1/2″ .125-.375 Lot of 5
1$15.09UsedCircuit Breaker S211-Z6A 220/380V
1$27.59UsedIslatrol The Active Tracking Filter IC+102 IC102
1$75.13UsedEdge Heat Control Digital 08-5299
1$1,020.17New – Open boxSRC Simco/Ramic PCB Assy KMCC Dig Slave 94-157968-005/A
1$925.17Seller refurbishedAllen Bradley Size 4 Contactor / Starter 500-EOA930
1$143.11UsedGemini Valve Pneumatic Actuator A421 125PSI
1$211.36UsedPrinter Power Motor Drive 40334201 115V
1$650.17New – Open boxBAYECONO91A Trane Economizer 0-100% Dry Bulb BAYECONO91A
1$45.09NewFederal Pacific FPE F18 Heater Element 5490 Lot of 2
1$32.59UsedSquare D Two Pole Fuse Block N-252047
1$143.11UsedConductive Sensors 2516301004 Lot of 2
1$400.17New – Open box9L11SPB009S  GE Tranquell Station Class Arrester 9L11SPB009S
1$32.59New – Open boxComputer Board 764-38-01 F/S 36574
1$32.59New – Open boxThomas & Betts WPR-125A & WPR-13A Wire Markers Lot of 2
1$27.59New – Open boxEZText Panel User Manual EZ-TEXT-M
1$37.59New – Open boxNumerical Wire Markers Reel of Size 2 #9
1$82.63UsedGE Circuit Breaker 30 AMP TEC36030 w/ Auxiliary Shunt
1$45.09New – Open boxBando 5VX1400 Power Ace Cog Belt
1$30.09New – Open boxSMC Pneumatic Cylinder CDQ2D12-30DCM-A73 WITH TWO D-A73C PROXIMITY REED SWITCH
1$112.63New – Open boxHyster Bell Crank Kit 2304822
1$112.63New – Open boxVan Dorn Demag T-50114 Metal Ring
1$850.17New – Open boxA51A0627 Reliance Electric Duty Master Unibrake Assembly A51A0627 HC
1$42.59UsedKeyence Photoelectric Fiber Optic 7103038 FS-T1
1$22.59New – Open boxTimken Bearing Cone 45BC 411332 Lot of 2
1$32.59UsedAuxiliary Contacts for GE CR2811 Starter
1$825.17UsedThayer Scale I/O Power Supply D35940 I PI-164 #3
1$15.09UsedCutler Hammer Heater MSH2.5A MSH 2.5A
1$22.59New – Open boxLift Partners Forklift SBX 350 Green 2/0 Connector
1$169.11New – Open boxSiemens Circuit Breaker 3VU1301-1MM00 10-16A
1$525.17UsedElectromatic SC 205 024 Recycler Symmetrical 0.8-18 sec
1$15.09New – Open boxLawson Heavy Duty Nipple 1/4 FNPT 11916 Lot of 12
1$15.09NewGE 5823 Electronic Vacuum Tube
1$143.11UsedFencer Position Regulator Board 12M03-104
1$20.09UsedBuss One-Time Fuse NOS-40 40 amp Lot of 5
1$825.17UsedMercer Motherboard 048B048 w/ 2 Dynatec 033X056
1$75.13New – Open boxCutler Hammer Definite Purpose Contactor C25DND215R
1$47.59New – Open boxAllen Bradley Coil for Starter 2A97 480V
1$40.09For parts or not workingCosel R100U-24 Power Supply 100-120V AC Lot of 3
1$15.09UsedPotter & Brumfield Relay KRP14AN
1$90.13UsedASCO Solenoid Valve N262.530 T Coil: 24VDC
1$42.59New – Open boxTelemecanique XVA CA441  Indicating light – RED
1$37.59UsedAllen Bradley Pilot Light 800H-QR24 24v Red
1$15.09New – Open boxWiko ENX-5 AV/Photo Lamp 86V 360W
1$143.11New – Open boxVersa Valve Manifold M-460-APP 36B
1$525.17UsedElectromatic SA 105 724 Delay on Operate 0.8-18 Sec
1$25.09New – Open boxTRANE 0196 Air Conditioner Terminal Insulator Lot of 21
1$15.09UsedWilkerson R00-C2-L00 B39 VDO Pressure Regulator 0-4
1$15.09UsedWeidmuller Optocoupler EGO-S EG 2 EN 250v 4mm
1$375.17New – Open boxSporlan Solenoid Valve B14p2 1/2″ FPT
1$15.09New – Open boxGeneral Electric Extended Pushbutton CR104P Blue
1$82.63New – Open boxSquare Head 316 Stainless Bolt 5/8″ x 4-3/4″ Lot of 12
1$42.59UsedFlash Tube WBL-7604-5.86 w/ Casing & Yellow Lens
1$15.09UsedBussmann Fusetron Fuse FRN-R-1 Lot of 9
1$420.17UsedElectromatic S 195 166 115 195166 115 Dual Level Relay
1$15.09New – Open boxBS 5135-0 Turck picofast Wireable Connector IAC
1$82.63UsedHauni 2067374 000 01 EN6230 PE40/99H Relay
1$25.09UsedSMC Filter Regulator Model: AW2000
1$45.09New – Open boxFafnir Bearing 311NPP 2-3/16″ x 4-3/4″
1$22.59UsedAllen Bradley Auxiliary Contact 1495-G3
1$30.09UsedDanfoss Contactor Type CI 2
1$195.11UsedSkinner Filter 28090-BH
1$42.59UsedBimba Flat-1 FOD-170.125 OG Pancake Cylinder 1-1/2″ Bore 1/8″ Stroke Pivot Mount
1$45.09New – Open boxHoneywell Proximity Switch 923AA4XM-A7T-L
1$101.38UsedMoeller Electric On-Off Switch T3-4-15682 w/ Enclosure
1$37.59UsedTelemecanique XVA CA431 Indicating light – Green
1$32.59UsedGeneral Physics Inc. Circuit Board RD14A RD-14A
1$178.86New – Open boxCarrier Air Conditioning Gasket O-Ring HUGE Lot
1$475.17New – Open boxElectromatic S 171156 220 Phase Asymmetry 5-25 Timer
1$15.09New – Open boxDidark Cartridges 1714-101 Box of 3
1$211.36UsedMicrosmith T-SLTA Gnd Pwr Net Net 961202-FR78
1$455.17New – Open boxHeinzmann Actuator STG-2010-KV
1$27.59New – Open boxPhenolic GRC Spacers Lot of 89
1$195.11UsedBarber Colman Cimac Micro1 Controller CQ2K-2CD000P10-00
1$42.59New – Open boxGeneral Physics Inc. Circuit Board RD3 RD-3
1$15.09UsedCutler Hammer Overload Thermal Heater H1116
1$27.59UsedDuro Thermometer 17″ x 2-1/4″
1$15.09UsedNumerical Wire Markers Reel of 750 Size 1.5 #3
1$725.17New – Open boxMixMor Laboratory Mixer LDA-60 LDA60
1$27.59New – Open boxSchrader 3250 Flow Valve
1$17.59New – Open boxAllen Bradley Overload Thermal Heating Element N31
1$142.63New – Open boxRanco Temperature Control 020-7016
1$1,025.17New – Open boxSRC Simco/Ramic PCB 94-157370-001
1$75.13UsedSquare D Relay Class 8501 Type CO-3  Series A
1$25.09New – Open boxNumerical Wire Marker Reels Sizes 1.5 & 2 & 2.5 #5
1$375.17UsedCincinnati Milacron 3-531-3694A PCB Board
1$32.59UsedWadsworth Buss Bar Kit 541 CAT No 8FN  60 amp
1$25.09New – Open boxBX97 Cog Belt Goodyear Gates – Lot of 2 Belts
1$470.17NewSKF 7204 CX / P4ADGA Bearings Lot of 2 – Matched Set
1$45.09New – Open boxSkinner Solenoid Valve PX5L6596OCT 120/110V
1$825.17UsedLEGG Netco PC Board 2104 98 90 3 2104 A 00
1$75.13UsedWestinghouse Safety Switch Disconnect GUN323 100A 240V
1$15.09New – Open boxTsubaki Belt 486P3M10 D5
1$178.86UsedRed Lion Controls 6 Digit Preset Batch Counter GEM33100
1$82.63New – Open boxValve Diaphragm 200-0SH-2 15″ Diameter
1$15.09UsedCurtis MILW Fuse Holder and 3 Contact Blk Lot of 3
1$75.19New – Open box13 Garlock Spiral Wound Flex Seals 2″ and 4″ 9-1500 ASME B16.20 304-VC 316L-FG
1$32.59UsedNorthman Coil A220
1$22.59New – Open boxFluid Automation Solenoid Valve 6-377-DD3-20
1$20.09UsedRosemount 1151DP Alphaline Pressure Transmitter Manual
1$15.09New – Open box9539 Telemecanique Limit Switch Head
1$15.09UsedCutler Hammer Heater Coil H1215
1$17.59New – Open boxPhoenix Contact Hood HC-D15-TFL/PG16S w/ Connector
1$15.09New – Open boxH1227 Cutler Hammer Heater Coil
1$27.59New – Open boxTurk Cable Cordset RK 4.4-10
1$15.09New – Open boxCo Kit 82492 1/2″ Rotary Seal
1$22.59UsedFMC Brake Coil Cat. No. 62422161
1$15.09New – Open boxH1211 Cutler Hammer Heater Coil H1211
1$25.09New – Open box720RPP8 PIRELLI Timing Belt
1$142.63New – Open boxNumerical Wire Markers Size 1.5 The #2 Box of 5 Reels
1$32.59UsedCutler Hammer Circuit Breaker Slide for KD Frame
1$22.59NewTrane Valve VAL0980 Henry B565B
12$42.59New – Open box13-678-31J 100 Fisherbrand Serological Pipets
6$42.59New – Open boxFisher Serological Pipets 13-676-28G Box of 120